Rok Da Vote: GW Price Hike

What more appropriate poll than asking about the current price increase from GW regarding many of their products? I put up a short article you can find here about my view but I’m no doubt in the minority. So, vote away and you can select multiple answers.

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  • Eriochrome

    I have been looking at other games and past times for a while.  I might buy something GW related in the future but I kicked my 50 dollar a month plastic crack addiction to them essentially 9 months ago.

    • You gave yourself an allowance? Not a bad idea. I’ve always just bought as required. I could go months and months without buying anything or have a month with multiple purchases. Then again, I’m not a fan of fielding unpainted stuff, though I’ve had to myself some leeway there lately, so I generally don’t buy things when I have painting left to do.

      Other games are always a good idea for anyone. I admit I’ve not tried a system by someone other than GW yet, though other GW games. I’d do it if there was more general interest in other games but I’d have to say 40K is probably the most played at the LGS, followed by Fantasy. Plus, the night I have available for gaming happens to be 40K night at the LGS.

  • I’m pretty much rolling with it. There’s no change in my purchase plans – I have army #1 just about complete (2000+ pts painted), and army #2 is built with multiple options (3000+ points to paint). It’ll be a while before army #3 ever gets started, but that was the same before the price hike.

    And as far as looking into other games goes, none of the other products out there have grabbed my interest the way 40K has, so at present there’s no real competition for my hobby dollar.

    • That’s pretty much the boat I’m in. My first army, Orks, is pretty well done at this point, just a matter of adding in a unit here and there as my style changes and sits around 4K. My Marines are pretty complete, though always tossing around ideas, and they’re around the 3K mark. My Necrons are my smallest army, about 1.5K, and waiting on the new codex. I suppose that will be the point where I may see that 20% hit my wallet but even still, not a big concern.

      Yeah, 40K really covers my interest as a gamer well. It’s not perfect and no doubt other systems may have elements I enjoy more, but it’s really a complete package and I’ve yet to see that in another game, at least one I’m mildly interested in.

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