Rok Da Vote: GW Price Increase Poll Closed

Things have settled down around the web on the price increase by GW so today the poll is closed. I’ll get another one up in the next few days. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the results.

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An overwhelming amount of people, 41%, voted that they would be more selective of their purchases. No surprises there. That’s the general approach that most people take when there’s a price increase in most anything really. You stick to what you absolutely need and generally avoid impulse buys.

Right behind that vote is those who will be buying less with 29% of the vote. Another understandable and expected result. Gas prices keep going up and you make less unnecessary trips. Sales tax increases and you buy less luxury items. Beverage tax goes up and you…OK, so you don’t buy less beer. Beer is mandatory.

At 25% of the vote, a close third, are the people looking into other games. Looking at other games is never a bad idea regardless of price increases. It is too bad though when it’s due to price increases that people feel they need to invest their money elsewhere.

In fourth with 14% is those whom the price increase doesn’t bother. I admit this was my vote too. I already am very selective of my purchases. Hell, I’m still sitting on store credit from tournament winnings spanning at least six months back. Based on that you can tell I don’t buy a lot either, so really in the grand scheme of things the increase has minimal impact on me. I can only guess that is the reasoning for some others who voted on this one too.

Wrapping it up there’s 8% who claim they’re done with GW. I put this poll up the day after the announcement and no doubt there’s some knee-jerk votes there, though I’m sure some are valid. We have 6% of the voters being Australians, though I should have added New Zealanders on there too, who are the most boned from the recent events. And in last is the one person who didn’t know their was a price increase.

  • I think those were pretty expected results. Most people probably aren’t going to leave the GW hobby, but it’s nice to see they might not run out now to drop their extra cash on things they might not need.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not as simple as staying or leaving. I can stop buying GW altogether and probably play my Guard another 2-3 years if I want. I have a lot of extra stuff. But I’m done buying anything from GW itself for at least 6 months. After that… who knows?

    I am trying different games. Mantic’s are especially interesting as they’re GW-compatable. Give them another year of Dev polish and things will be quite interesting in 28mm land.

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