Rok Da Vote: Space Marines 6th Edition Codex (Closed)

Space MarinesThe poll has run for about 3-weeks now and the votes have almost come to a stop. I honestly expected way more voting, like on the level I saw with the Tau codex, but what can you do?

So, the results for the poll are as follows.

[poll id=”35″]

Not surprisingly the top vote at 60% were those thinking it’s a good solid codex and this was my vote as well. I’ve only faced it a few times now and it has some nice synergy but nothing crazy (at least that I’ve seen yet). It is what you expect out of Space Marines, lots of options and diversity.

The next vote was the kick-ass vote at 19%. I really thought this one would be higher. Don’t get me wrong, 19% is good. If I were actively playing my Marines then I may have voted this way. Still, that’s 79% of the voters looking strongly on this new codex and that’s not terrible at all.

Next up at 10% who think it’s alright. Eh, maybe people expected a bit more than they got or just weren’t overwhelmed by the codex. There’s 6% thinking it’s better than the last but still not good. Hell, I thought the previous codex was good. It wasn’t amazing and age showed come 6th edition but it held up well. It was the standard I held other codices too.

Lastly there’s 3% who think it sucks and 2% who think it’s over-the-top; 1 and 2 votes respectively so not a lot of weight there.

Again, from what I’ve seen of the codex so far I’ve liked. I have not picked it up as I’ve been trying to stay entirely focused on my Chaos Marines for the big tournament at my FLGS next month. Once the tournament goes by I can slow down and bit and check it out and do some experimenting I’ve been meaning to do with my Chaos Marines.

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