Rok Da Vote: Space Marines 6th Edition Codex

Space MarinesThe flagship army for 40K just recently got their 6th edition codex and I’d like to capture those early feelings on it while the fires are still hot. I haven’t got much to say other than vote!

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  • khorneinquisitor

    It is a solid codex. However, against 5th or early 6th books, it is brutal. However, against the Tau, Eldar, maybe daemons, and the newer books it is on par. Nothing overly nasty, but a lot of very capable units.

    • Agreed. I think it’s kick ass though because of how they went about the chapter tactics, letting you create a force to meet your flavor preference. It’s probably as close as Marines will get to the old days of creating their own chapter with traits.

      • khorneinquisitor

        I agree that the customization option is awesome. Disappointing they did not do something a little similar with CSM. Force org modification is nice, but special rules would have been fun and would have added flavor. I feel as if they lost a lot with the lack of the plethora of undivided legions (Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, and Alpha Legion) that could have had very similar rules and allowed for a overall better book. While the supplements are nice, GW seems to be getting a better handle on Codices very quickly.

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