Rok Da Vote: Upcoming Codices Poll Results

Early last month I put up a poll asking which rumored upcoming codices you were most anxious for. On the list there’s definitely some that need the update more than others but I was more interested in which you were most anticipating. Here’s the results.

[poll id=”18″]

We have a clear winner with Chaos Marines taking 44% of the vote. This was my vote too. I started a Chaos army at the end of the summer and am thoroughly enjoying the army. Despite being on the low-end of the competitive spectrum I’m doing well with them and the hobby aspect is fun. A new Chaos codex will just seal the deal in my newly found traitorous ways and let’s be honest, they seriously need that codex. Useless units, lack of special rules, HQs that (barring Fabius), don’t impact your army, etc, etc, etc.

Next up Tau took 2nd with 20% of the vote. Another army that needs some loving for sure. Overall I feel Tau has held up better than most older codices and no doubt a new one will push the fish ‘eads to the top of the competitive ladder. I foresee a lot of Tau players re-emerging once that codex finally comes along.

Eldar came in with 16% of the vote. Yet another codex that’s a left over from 4th edition needing some work. Eldar had a short reign of dominance when their last codex came out and it would be nice to see them have more than a few viable approaches to their army. I know I’m tired of seeing the same list every time I face Eldar.

At 13% of the vote we have Space Marines. Not a codex that needs an update when compared to the previous three above but you know damn well it will get one when 6th edition hits. Of course I asked which codex your most anxious for, not which needs it more. I feel the codex really only needs a few minor tweaks and should be an easy one for GW to push out.

In last place was Black Templars with 7% of the vote. At first I was a bit surprised by this but even with the updates to bring their codex in line with other Marine codices it’s still a dated army. At this point I think many Templar players have just moved on and aren’t looking back.

When this poll went up there was no option for Dark Angels as, to my knowledge at least, there were no real rumors of them, at least nothing as significant as the others in the poll. Since then it’s looking like Dark Angels are coming. I’ll be interested to see the rumors regarding this codex once they start floating through the interwebz.

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