Rok Da Vote: Warhammer 40K 7th Edition Results

Warhammer 40K 7th EditionIt’s been almost three weeks since I put up the latest poll to see what you all think of Warhammer 40K 7th edition and with the votes trailing off it’s time to see where it stands.

Fortunately the poll got a very similar amount of votes as the Warhammer 40K 6th edition one so making a comparison will be easy. Here we go.


Warhammer 40K 7th Edition

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Warhammer 40K 6th Edition

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There’s some pretty big differences between editions. For 7th edition 11% said they won’t play it where in 6th there was only 5% who said the same. 7th Edition has far more larger changes than 6th edition did. 6th Was mostly cleaning up 5th, or an attempt at it, so I can see why some may just not be interested in 7th. I feel that Games Workshop does great at putting out thematic rules but the problem is in the hands of the more competitive types those thematic rules become abused. At times it feels like Games Workshop is the like the parent who sees no wrong in their child despite evidence to the contrary.

Next up in 7th edition there were 18% who said they would play it but don’t care for. Compared to 6th when only 3% said that. It’s a pretty interesting change. Is it the competitive types who voted this way or the people who have so much tied up into the game that they just feel compelled to play no matter what? I have no idea but it’s a fair amount of votes.

For the answer of it’s OK there was 15% for 7th and 12% for 6th. It’s one of the lower voted on answers so people definitely have a strong opinion on it one way of the other. Barely a change at all from 6th.

7th Edition has 37% who said they like it when 6th had 49%. This is another noticeable difference, especially when you look at the next answer. Speaking of, 7th has 19% who claim it’s the best edition yet where 6th had 31%. If you total these positive responses you see that 7th has a 56% positive response where 6th had an 80% positive response. This is where the largest discrepancy between the editions is. People were a bit reluctant with 6th at first but once they got in some games the response was largely positive. 7th Has also had a large group of people concerned for the changes and that still remains evidently the case by these votes.

How this all shakes out in a few months will be interesting. The re-poll once people get their feet under them in an edition is always fun to look at.

How has your gaming group taken to the new rules?

  • Overall I am pretty happy with 7th so far. I think GW is slowly getting a bit more clear in their rules wording (though they are still far from perfect.) There are a lot of changes that balance out unit types and the new allies chart takes down some of the more abusive combos from 6th. I like tactical objectives quite a bit because you can pull a lot of victory points by dancing around those indestructible death stars.

    Most of all I think GW did a good job of giving us a flexible rule set that will allow for a wide range of armies and play style. A game like 40k will never be perfectly tuned for competitive play right off the shelf but the 7th edition rules have a lot of a la carte options that will make it easier for an event organizer to pick and choose from to suit the specific event.

    • I’m happy with 7th as well. It removes a lot of the ambiguity that 6th had and gives more options to the players than 5th had. It’s a bit of a departure of more recent editions but I think it’s for the better ultimately.

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