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A while ago I wrote an article titled What Does Your Gaming Record Say which discussed what it sounds like. I’m curious what the winning ratio is for the various 40K’ers out there. I know not everyone keeps a detailed record but I feel it’s safe to say most people can give a reasonably accurate range. Many of us play more than one army but what I’m after is your record as a whole, all games of 40K.

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  • Anonymous

    Heh, I think I win about 80-90% of my tournament games, but just goofing off at the LGS with a list I’ve always wanted to try it’s closer to 60-70%. So I went with the middle road…

    And all that’s just conjecture. I don’t really keep track- I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that my percentage was actually far lower than I think it is- I tend to think too well of myself in that regard, lol. Then again, so do most gamers, I’m guessing.

    • I think you’re right in that most think more highly of their record than it really is. We all recall those big victories more clearly than the typical loss. If it weren’t for the fact I database all my games I too would think my record better than it is.

  • TheRhino

    You didn’t provide an option for “tracking win/loss is for self-important dillholes.” lol.
    Win/loss is only worth tracking in environments that use them for placements, like sports teams or tournaments. I’m of the mind that after the season or tournament is over, the slate is wiped and win/loss doesn’t mean anything til the next one.

    • Amberclad87

      In a sense I agree with therhino. Keeping track is not as impotant as taking away what you learned from the tournamnet/game. I’ve been playing 40k for 8 years now and have played hundreds maybe even thousands of games and have never kept track and honestly have no idea what so ever my win % is. I win more than i lose I think which is all I can say.

    • I’d like to think I’m not a dillhole and I track my record :P Hell, a glance at my record would tell you I don’t do it for vanity :) I do it for a few reasons. First, I’m a programmer by trade and databasing shit and creating statistics is something I consider fun. What can I say, I’m a nerd through and through. Second, it lets me evaluate how I’m doing, whether I’m improving in general, how I fair against a certain army, etc. I do this not because I’m self-absorbed but because it allows me to see where I’m doing poorly and where I need to improve. I know you own most all codices for research and knowing your enemy, I track my stats for that same reason.

      All that being said, I can’t disagree with the latter part of your comment. Despite what I just said, tracking my record is a mixed bag. On one hand there’s that ‘research’ aspect but on the other it can cause me some anxiety to see I’ve lost the last X-games and feel I’m doing really poorly and in turn effect my morale.

      • TheRhino

        lol. I was being facetious, obviously.
        What might be more valuable for win/loss trackers is tracking your record over a certain time period. Say, in the last 10 games with a given list.
        My gripe is with amalgamated win/loss tallies (like those presented in your linked article). Amalgamated win/loss actually illustrates nothing whatsoever beyond one’s ability to remember their win/loss record.
        If you want a real measure of success, you have to break it down much further. Tally up your win/loss against each specific enemy Codex. If your Marines are 10/0 against Tyranids, but 0/10 against Guard, you know there’s something gumming the works.
        You can also start keeping copies of the army lists of your enemies, and tallying your win/loss agianst them. You might be 6/4 against Orks, but all 4 losses were against Kan Wall, while the wins were against Speed Freeks.
        Even break things down by mission. If all you win are Annihilation games, and always lose the objective games, you know what you need to work on.
        It won’t look as flashy as a cumulative win/loss total, but it’ll actually serve a purpose for the road ahead. You can look at your history and say “Man, I do a good job of shutting down Shooting armies in Objective games, but can’t stop a melee force in Annihilation to save my life!” and then make improvements.

        • Valid points and something I may have to work in. I do, however, track: who I played, what army it was, my army I used, what edition it was (I go back to 4th and eventually into 6th), the type of game (team play, 1v1, tournament, etc). I then break those all out into sections too, like you’re saying, I can see how well my Ork do vs Marines or my Marines vs Nids. I can see how well I do against certain players too with which of my armies.

          • TheRhino

            Sounds like a solid foundation. I’m sure your database skills must help immensely, lol.
            The only win/loss exercise i rail against is the flat “I stomped X peoples azzes, and only ever lost 1 game as a n00b” types.

    • I track my wins/losses as well, and I’m only somewhat dillhole-ish. My underlying reason was that I was tired of people telling me that I win every game. Granted, I tend to do rather well, but I don’t by any stretch of the imagination win every game. My win percentage is somewhere around 50-60% with another 25-30% ties and a fair amount of losses.

      It started as more of a morbid curiousity than anything else, and now it’s just a force of habit. Of course, I’m not as OCD as Thor is about the whole thing…

      • Eh, I’m less OCD about it now than I was when I got rolling with it. Half the time now I log my games a week later where before it was damn near the first thing I did after a game.

        I do think I may stop logging my games for a while though and see how that goes. It’s tough, I’ve logged the past 5 years of games but it’s become more like work, though the process is easy, and I can’t help but look at the record to determine my value, which is sort of sad.

        • I’d like to have kept track like you have, so I can see how I fair against
          certain players, or certain armies. I contemplated going down to the
          minutia of comparing how certain lists do (since I change my lists every
          game, it would be more likely based upon units). How could would it be to
          find out if I win significantly more when I field scouts vs. tactical

          Alas, it takes far more dedication and effort than I’m willing to commit
          to. Very cool that you’ve taken it to the level you have. I just know if I
          did that, I’d look at all the time spent collecting and parsing the data as
          ultimately wasted. I’d rather spend that time playing, or with my family,
          or sleeping!

          Not to rain on your parade. Assuming I had unlimited time and any remote
          sense of dedication, I’d totally do this too. :)

          • See, that’s the beauty of programming, you create the program and then you just input the data each game, simple and takes me all of 10 seconds to do.

  • James S

    Well I suck compared with you win tracking dillholes :P

    I reckon I win maybe 4 or 5 games against my mates for every 10 I play, and I’ve improved a lot over the last couple of years. Before I played Guard the number of wins my Witch Hunters and Orks had could be counted on one hand.

    The last tournament I was in was 8 games, and I came 82nd out of 107 for battle points. I think it was one win, three draws and four losses.

    I don’t tend to keep track, but since I started my blog there’s been a record of my games. That’s one of the reasons I started it.

    • That’s about spot-on for my record. I tend to do better at tournaments but not always. The 2nd to last tournament I went to I went 0-3 for the day, but the latest I went 2-1.

  • Well so far I’ve gotten a 100% win record. <.< Granted its 1/1 but still that's 100% right? Course Dave cursed him self by telling me his dice roll hot and he crushes new players every time.

    Although I've had a similar even in Malifaux. The local players all feel like always win. I think my win % their is closer to 70% with 10% ties.

    • I don’t know the Malifaux players to judge them but maybe you’ll find a better challenge in 40K. It’s great having a good record so long as the game are fun and close. It’s hard to enjoy wins where you just stomp the other guy. Not that I know your wins from Malifaux are that, just saying in general.

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