Rok Da Vote: Wot’s Dis?

In an attempt to get more voters I have moved the polls to the top right of the site. It was previously buried and hard to spot. I had been running some random polls, some for about eight months, and those are now all closed and here are those results:

[poll id=”3″]

I wasn’t surprised by the 2-3 army choice being the top pick but I was that the 4-5 army choice took 2nd place.

[poll id=”4″]

Close results here between playing weekly and whenever you can. I’m sure none of us get in as many games as we’d like though.

[poll id=”5″]

No surprise since I think we all have OCD when it comes to 40K and gaming, we all think about 40K more than is probably healthy. 8% Even invoke thoughts of 40K while taking part in carnal pleasures…why not!

[poll id=”6″]

This poll was because I had no great ideas. Not much to say here.

[poll id=”7″]

Only 6% had no interest in DE at all, that’s impressive.

So, going forward the plan is to close whatever the current poll is on the last day of the month and get a new one up the next day.

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