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sniper - groupWhile I have two blogs (and other projects) of my own to maintain, I am also an occasional guest here at Creative Twilight (thanks, Thor).  And i wanted to get my foot in the door over here as far as blogging some of my models rather than just controversial rule-bending.  So I decided to send my scouts over to check out the scene and establish a beachhead, as it were.

scout 1My Crimson Fists are my primary army, though I am in the process of reviving my Eldar dreams and adding Dark Eldar flavor to them.  That is an on-going project that will no doubt take years to almost complete and then quit in order to start a new army (you know how it goes).  But for now, I have a lot of CFs painted, the most recent new wave of them coming after I broke out of a rut by painting these scouts last year.  My usual CF list includes two squads of scouts: these snipers and an assault scout squad toting shotguns, usually outflanking on a Land Speeder Storm or Razorback.
sniper - questioning ordersMy snipers usually infiltrate into a good position from which to sit on an objective and pick at the enemy.  Hopefully the new Percise Shot rules will make them a little more effective at the latter–generally my snipers (marine or eldar) aren’t much help.  But at least these guys give my morale a boost just being on the board.
sniper - badassThe mohawk fellow got his head from the Space Wolves pack and he’s my fave of the squad.  I like to give my models some personality and try to make each stand out just a little if possible.  The green scopes were a happy accident (as Bob Ross used to say when he’d plant a tree right down the middle of his beautiful paintings — anyone else remember that?) — as an experiment i painted the scopes and goggle lenses white and then washed a thinned-out dark green over them.
Now breath easily, steady your rifle, and gently squeeze the trigger in that calm between exhale and inhale…
J. D. Brink


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Digging the mohawk dude. Good looking squad.

I had pretty good luck with my snipers in 6th. They actually play out like snipers now where before they never felt like snipers.

JD Brink

Thanks, Thor! I always favor the mohawks. :)


Not too shabby. All they need is some basing material and they’ll be good to go!
I’ve not found my snipers to be all the useful thus far, mostly because of the 4+ to wound. Precision Shot is nice, but you have to wound with the shot first, which ruins all the fun.

JD Brink

I know, my buddy gets on me all the time about basing. I figure I have so many models that still need paint, I don’t want to spend valuable time dressing up bases on models already painted. But I’m sure I will soon get around to basing too…
And yes, snipers are great in theory but especially with SM Scouts who only have BS 3, only half hit, half of them wound… which in a squad of 5 means like one wound per turn