Shamless Plug

My wife does Pampered Chef on the side and she wanted me to pass this along.

Help me make my wish come true…and your April order could be magical for YOU, too!

WOW…Pampered Chef is going to grant one lucky Consultant an overnight stay at Cinderella’s Castle!

I’m ONLY $350 away from qualifying for a chance to win this once in a life time dream!

Would you help me reach my goal BEFORE April 30th?

As a special thanks for supporting me, I would personally like to give you….

  • FREE Recipe Book
  • Chance to WIN YOUR order for FREE
  • AND, if I Win, a special thank you GIFT from Cinderella’s Castle!

And as Cinderella’s special guest, you are entitled to…

  • $29 Trifle Bowl SPECIAL- perfect for Mothers Day, Bridal Shower or birthday gift
  • FREE Towel with $60 or more purchase

Please contact me directly with your order before my coach turns back into a pumpkin at midnight on APRIL 30th!

Orders for my online OUTLET count towards my goal, too- so check out the OUTLET SPECIALS up to 75% off!

Thank you so much!

Pampered Chef Team Leader
[email protected]

Here are the flyers:

Fairy Tale Dream SALE
Trifle Bowl SALE

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