Some Games are Just Fun

FunLast night we played a practice team game at the LGS. January’s tournament is going to be a 1,250 team game, that’s 1,250 per-player, so a 2,500 game. We rolled off for teams and I got paired with a brutal Blood Angels player. I had a smaller Shrike list, so we both had very aggressive lists. We played two Tau players, both Suit heavy. One is the guy I faced last weekend, a very good Tau player, and the other a funny guy who toggles between Orks and Tau.

This isn’t a battle report, instead it’s about those seemingly rare fun games. I’ve played a lot and have had many great games, a lot of close ones, and received plenty of ass kickings. Fun games though are a rare gem. Now, by fun I mean those games where it’s hardly even about the game and more about just laughing and having a good time. The more casual players probably know these games more than most, and though I’m not a super competitive player, I’m also not what I’d consider casual.

Last night was one of those elusive fun games. I don’t think a player turn went by where someone wasn’t busting someone’s balls about something or laughing, though probably crying on the inside, at their own misfortune. Things went well and things went horrible but despite it all everyone was just enjoying themselves.

This is something I’ve come to see with team games and why I enjoy them so much and we do them pretty regularly for tournaments at the shop. It’s fun to have someone to confer with and discuss strategy but the environment a team game creates is generally casual and enjoyable despite the outcome of a game. There’s almost always a story to take way from each game.

If you’re wondering, the game fittingly ended in a draw. My melta that failed me all night long failed me on my final chance to remove the contesting Devilfish.

This will be the last article I get up until Sunday. Sunday will be another Community Pimp. I’ll be out of town until late Sunday night, so I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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