#Squaduary 2019

#Squaduary 2019 by Stepping Between Games – My Pledge

Rory over at Stepping Between Games is hosting the 3rd (I think) #Squaduary where you commit to getting a squad painted up during February.

I thought I’d enter this year with my Undead team. I have a start on them, as I’ve shown, but I still have some unpainted models to work on, plus getting most of them based.

Squaduary 2019 Pledge

While I have no time crunch to get this team done, this seems like a perfect time to make that final push on them. I don’t know about you, but as I near the end of a project I start losing momentum. So, this should help keep me going to see them completed this month.

If you’re interested in participating, then check our Rory’s post on how this works.

Rory also has the first post up with the pledges so far. Check that out if you plan on jumping in, let him know, and he’ll keep track of your progress.

Anyway, it’s just a fun motivational community hobby project. If you need a push during the winter then this is it.

I’ve since managed to finish my Undead team.

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Ha ha, he’s suckered you in too I see….He’s a veritable cad and a bounder that Rory chap ;-)
In Bocca al Lupo!


Excellent to have you alongside me on my pledge journey too.

Rory (Stepping Between Games)

Glad to have you on board chief. Soon have them ready to face off against your human team.

It is indeed the third year of Squaduary, which surprised me.


Good luck on your Pledge.
These community events are always a good way to gain some traction on a to do pile. I myself am looking forwards to Monster March as I have plenty of monsters needing some attention. (As well as my diorama project)


I pledge to complete 76 pox walkers to table top completion+ over the weekend.

Damn don’t see a place to post a picture.

Drops mic.