That Time of Year

Just a heads up that my posting schedule will be erratic at best through the holiday season. I haven’t had time to line up any future articles and I’ll either be gone or tied up (maybe literally), this week through the weekend. I still have shopping to do. I’ve got four more days, I’m good!

Of course that means painting will be limited, sorry Joe! I had one squad that wasn’t painted yet since I was missing arms but I got them all painted this past weekend. I do have to finish up their arms and attach them though but that’s a quick job. There are a few more vehicles to base coat, again another quick process. The very last thing to do after that is paint the Apothecary. I was saving him for last, a reward for painting so much black. If it weren’t for the damn holidays I’d have that all done this coming weekend. Stupid holidays.

This month has been slow here. Shortly after the holidays though my new author should be writing some Tau articles, and whatever floats his boat. Hopefully my Fantasy author shows up too. Kamui may have some more free time soon for some articles also. I’ve had a lot of personal stuff lately which has effected my schedule as a whole so here’s hoping 2011 changes for the better. It’s sorely needed.

  • I hope the holidays treat you well and good luck with the shopping. I still have some to do as well. Sorry I haven’t gotten that review done yet, with everything going on right now I’m going to aim at having it posted next week. Take care, Thor!

    • No worries on the review. I fully understand the lack of time!

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