The Standish Standoff 2: It’s a Wrap

The Standish Standoff 2Yesterday was the second Standish Standoff in the backwoods of Maine. It was an 1,850 40K tournament with 32 players in attendance. The tournament was heavily geared towards appreciating all elements of the hobby, basically the polar opposite of what ‘ard Boyz was.

Todd Swanson 2012
Todd’s 2012 Golden Daemon winning entry.

The day began at 9am and I wasn’t out of there until around 9pm, so one hell of a long day. First thing was entering our models into the Bronze Spawn competition. The Bronze Spawn competition is our painting competition for various categories and judged by a panel of three judges. One of those judges was none other than Todd Swanson, 13 time slayer sword winner. He brought in the latest model he won with this year and it was nothing short of amazing. This sucker took him 200 hours between sculpting (he created his own casts for most of it), and painting.

From there it was on to the pub quiz while the painting judges did their thing. It was an extremely tough 40K quiz that I did terrible at and I thought I was pretty good with fluff. Then we got into round #1.

My game coverage is going to be super short because honestly the day wasn’t about the games for me. I don’t mean that because I didn’t do well and I’m making excuses, but because as noted in the opening, the day was about hobby appreciation. I got to play three cool people, people I’ve never played, and that’s more what I took away from my games than battle points.

Round #1 was up against Stormboy from the Dorkamorka Club and his Bad Moon Orks. I was playing my Chaos Marines, Disciples of Twilight. I knew I could not take him on in my typical aggressive manner so I used my maneuverability to hammer down one flank of his, punch a hole in it and run through. By the game end I took a 25-0 victory.

Round #2 was against a Tau player out of a store in New Hampshire. I generally do terrible against Tau as I lack the speed needed to close the distance and the long-range shooting to try to gun it out with them. Couple that with outflanking Kroot and I barely left my deployment zone. I did get into his lines with a few units on one of my last turns but time, with hard dice down, robbed me of a chance to even the score. It was my only gripe for the day and even then I’m not pissed about it. If we had a few more minutes to conclude the combats I may have done better with my score. Instead I took a 26-5 loss.

Final round was up against Exokan also from the Dorkamorka crew. He had Necrons, and a very well painted Necron army at that. His list was all on foot, a change of pace from my typical Necron match-ups. Between some bad luck (mishapping the Lord of Change and losing him), some general bad rolls and of course some poor decisions on my part, I just couldn’t pull it together. I ended up with a loss here of 24-14.

All the players I played were cool and I’d gladly play any of them again. As for the results of my games, honestly it was better than I expected. With my current string of luck I expected to go 0-3 for the day so taking a single win was welcomed. Even the final loss was still relatively close so I’m happy with the performance of my pretty tame Chaos list.

With the games concluded it was time for results. I wrote the tournament software we use. Before the event I did some work in regards to sportsmanship scores. Long story short, that code was buggy and not working as intended. I had to rewrite code at the tournament to get things working again. In the process of that I got the shop banned from my webhost for my failed log-in attempts on the database to fix things. After I got the firewall ban lifted and my code patched up, it was time for awards. So, sorry to everyone for the delay there.

I won’t cover every award because there were a ton of them and my memory is fuzzy. I’d say we had around 16+ awards between painting and gaming related stuff. I want to take a moment to thank Hippie for making them too. The trophies and awards were all extremely well done. They are the best looking ones we’ve had to date.

As for me in regards to awards, I walked away with two painting ones. I won first place for 60mm model with a Daemon Prince. I also won second place for squad with my Obliterators. Kamui won first place for 25mm model with his Wolf Lord. We both received a few honorable mentions in other categories as well. Lukas ended up walking away with best overall for the day as well, which is the top prize at the event.

The final results for me in the day go like this. Out of 32 players I ended up 17th for battle points, which really surprises me considering my scores. On soft scores alone I was in 5th place and overall I ended up 9th, so I really can’t complain about my showing for the day. I knew battle points was a long shot and I’m very happy with a 5th and 9th showing in the areas I knew I stood a chance in.

Lastly, thanks to everyone who helped put on the tournament. I was almost reluctant this past week to attend. With my string of bad luck in 40K lately it had soured my mood but at the end of the day yesterday I had a great time and am extremely glad I went. It was exactly what I needed honestly; an event that pats everyone on the back and puts other areas of the hobby I love above winning.

  • JustHippie

    Thanks for all your support and help to the community Thor! We certainly couldn’t do any of this without you as a KEY member. Glad to see your painting skills got recognition again, looks like a new shelf is in the future pretty quick. LOL

    It was so nice yesterday looking around the room at all the smiling faces. We had VERY few rules questions and those were typically due to lack of 6th edition experience so there was no pawing through FAQ’s or rulebooks necessary. What an absolutely perfect day of 40K Hobby celebration.

    I’m kinda glad we had the delay in results since it got the terrain cleaned up and put away before folks high tailed it out of there. Murphy’s Law strikes again.

  • Warren Falconer

    Guys I just want to chime in here. I had a fantastic time, every game I had was great, before passing out last night I was already plotting the project for next year to try to hit the magical 40 paint score. Can’t wait for details on your May event and hope to see any one who can make it at snowcon in january.

    Thanks again!,

    • JustHippie

      I checked out the website for snowcon but see nothing in the schedule. Is there more info somewhere? Can you hook us up with a link? I am interested and depending on what events are going on maybe we can get a carload from XRG to show up.

      • Warren Falconer

        They are notoriously bad with promotion, Rob is going to try getting in touch with them this week I think so he can figure out what all he has to work with. As soon as we have more info one of us will pass it along.

  • TheRhino

    We had similar days, though you took home painting awards and I did not :P.
    The biggest thing I took from the event is that I really, REALLY need to up my painting levels. Smooth and clean no longer wins awards. I need some new tricks!

    • Sounds like it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. I tell you, painting different armies REALLY helps for learning new techniques. Even if your don’t want another army, grab some scrap models and test. I have models just for that, working out new techniques.
      Also, I don’t think it’s the clean look that’s an issue. I think it’s more a matter of working in other techniques. I know you changed your power weapon look so take it a step further, go bigger, bolder, work in some OSL, stuff like that. A few key elements like that can be all a model needs.

      • TheRhino

        I’m torn on whether I should go back over all my models and apply my new gold recipe. You could clearly see the difference when you put one of my old attack bikes next to one of my new ones. It was night and day.
        Ofg course, sinking all that time into “Revisions” is tough to accept.
        I’ve tinkered with the idea of doing Guard or Dark Eldar, but am not a fan of painting tons of grunt infantry for Guard (I refuse to run Vet spam), and am not sure I want to invest in all the vehicles and such that Dark Eldar have to have in 6th.
        I have to keep mulling it over before I act rashly, lol.

        • My opinion on revising stuff is basically if you have the time and nothing else to work on, go for it. For me that’s almost never. I always have stuff to put together and get painted. I’d rather move the army as a whole forward than put time into models that are finished, even if they aren’t up to par.

          • TheRhino

            I agree. I have sooo much stuff to build and paint that it would take a lot of time to revise what I’ve done, and revising would stall the growthof my army.
            In the same vein though, painting new stuff in a new style creates a distinct line between old and new models. If all my models going forward are airbrushed, they stand out against the hand-painted stuff. That leads to discord in the army as a whole.
            It’s a seriously tough decsion to make, and it’s murdering my will to do anything at all.

            • I completely understand. I struggle with that as well. It’s easier in my Chaos army where there’s so much distinction unit to unit, at least how I do them. That being said, if you use new techniques on a unit like Sternguard then that’s probably the happy medium. They are the elite of the Marines, no pun intended, and having them stand out more with your techniques wouldn’t be out of place. Sure, they’ll differ from the rest of the army but when it’s all together it’s not like they’ll be a distraction. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s how I approach my army; I paint based on value.

              How else are you going to grow as a painter? Unless you start a completely new army then your only choice is working in new techniques and styles with the existing army. Even then, say you start a new army, you’ll work in new techniques and only get better at them over time and come up with even more ideas and then what, start another army? That doesn’t sound like a great cycle to begin.

              Lastly, every army shows its age and skill when viewed up close. You can look at any of my armies and see the progression if you get right down to it. However, on the table and on my display board it’s not all that apparent.

              • TheRhino

                I think I might content myself with learning new techniques on single models for now, or even single parts, and continue producing models in my standard style to fill out existing units.
                Example: I need some plasma cannoneers for my Tactical Squad ranks. I can paint up those guys in my existing style no problem, while working on a jump Librarian with my airbrush, or painting a set of Marine heads as single parts and trying out OSL eye lenses. Then just add those heads to new models if they turn out nicely.
                I painted the head of my most recent Assault Marine sergeant (the plasma pistol gunslinger) separately, and it worked out just fine.

                • Fair enough and a good approach. As long as you avoid agonizing over it you’ll at least move forward and make progress. I know damn well how uncertainty weighs on motivation when it comes to painting. I put off working on Terminators for a good 6-7 months as a result of it because I was torn on a power weapon method. Lousy place to be.

                • JustHippie

                  Weathering! That is something you could do to the older stuff without completely redoing the units. Dirt and dust on tires and fenders, some chips here and there to break up the sea of Blue. Nothing wrong with what you have and it is still a top army locally.
                  My stuff is changing even more now that I’m using the new GW paints, most of the new colors aren’t a perfect match so out of the gate the stuff is different. A cohesive army doesn’t have to look like the whole thing came off the assembly line the same day after all. Some stuff has seen more action and is faded, chipped, etc.

  • Nice write up, Thor. You’ve done a good job of summing up a great event!

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