Thor’s Workbench: Khorne Berzerkers WIP #1

I wanted to take a quick break from sculpting and get some more painting done. So, I started on these four Berzerkers. I admit, I hate doing assembly line painting but it works and getting multiple models done at once is a nice feeling even if the process can be a chore.

Here’s a quick shot I took this morning. The quality is horrible and makes the models look bleh but it’s a WIP shot so what the hell.

Berzerkers WIP #1

The red base coat is done, black elements picked out and the chainmail colored metallics are set. I’m working on the gold parts now. From there I need to do some cleanup and then on to picking out some details and shading and some highlights. I’m aiming to have these guys wrapped up for this weekend’s tournament just for the sake of having them done. Oh, I do have to drill out some barrels too.

The end result, which looks far better than that WIP shot, will be like this test model I did a long time ago now. Fortunately the WIP models are going along faster than this test model did. Still, working with lots of red and gold is a slow process.

Berzerker Complete


  • JustHippie

    Looking good Thor, I don’t really like the skin color on the test one, it’s too white/grey or something. Maybe it’s just the pic I’ll have to check him out in person. Nothing wrong with assembly line on regular chumps, save the over the top paint jobs for the key pieces that really stand out.

    • His skin is pretty light. That’s elf skin, Vallejo color. Traditionally people tend to do Chaos in lighter skin tones like that. Hanging out in the warp doesn’t do much for one’s tan :)

      I like it personally. It gives good contrast to all the reds. I think he’s my only helmet-less guy anyway.

      • JustHippie

        It probably will look great on your blue/black regular dudes, I think it’s the Berzerker Red that makes it look funky.

  • Looks like you’re making good progress. I can’t wait to see them all on the table!

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