Soulgore - PIP #1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord Soulgore (PIP #1)

After finally getting everything painted for the Standoff I decided to reward myself with working on my converted Chaos Lord on a juggernaut, Soulgore. I have no expectations of getting it done any time soon since I’ll be helping with getting trophies ready for the Standoff and I have no need to rush it anyway. I plan to take my time and work on him as I have the chance.

Soulgore - PIP #1

As you can see from the shot (which is better than my usual ones but not great), I haven’t gotten very far but it is primed and there is paint on him. For me, once I start a model it bugs me until it’s completed so this was my way of giving me motivation to work on it. Not that I needed much motivation as I’ve been looking forward to working on this model since I began building it.

To start I jumped right to the axe. I had an idea I wanted to try, what you see now, and I’m happy with how it’s coming out. I wanted this to be different from my normal power weapons, which are a glowing pink/purple, and represent the weapon itself, the axe of blind fury – a Khorne daemon weapon. I feel it fits the bill.

Dark Eldar

One thing I’m struggling with is what to do with the bull. One idea I had is to line the ‘scales’ of the bull, like how the ‘eavy Metal Team tends to do Dark Eldar and to do it in reds. I think it would look cool but it’s also a metric-ton of work. I’m not opposed to a method that takes time on this particular model but I also don’t want to get burnt out half-way through the process either; there’s a lot of scales on this sucker. The easier option is to base coat it and then wash it heavily and come back in with some blending and highlighting. Thoughts?

That’s it for now. It will probably be a few more weeks before I have another update on this model.

Update: Check out the finished model in the Chaos Lord on Juggernaut painting showcase.

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I have been waiting to see what you did with this guy, and secretly hoping behind the scenes he was done and ready for the bronze spawn at the standoff this year. I don’t think the dark eldar style would be as bad as you think. I mean it will be tedious but Dave Taylor did a nice post here on From the warp I have been meaning to try.

Can’t wait to see more progress.


That’s awesome so far. Nice work!
If it were me, I’d do just like you said. Hit it with a general coat of color, wash that darker and into the recesses, then dry brush some highlights on the edges. Then do the final fine detail like the face and all. My philosophy (when i finally find time to paint) is look good but not kill myself on it. Let the wash and dry brushing find most of the details rather than you laboring to find them. Especially on a model that big that will generally big one color anyway.