Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Marines WIP #1

Despite being in the middle of working on Berzerkers, I began work on these four guys this weekend. Normally I don’t bounce between units like that but Saturday was a tournament and I was all packed, which meant my Berzerkers, and I had an hour to kill. These guys were already primed so I got some preliminary work done on them.

Chaos Marines: WIP 1

As you can see, there’s not a lot to show here. The primary colors are on there and I left off on the metallics. Once those are done I’ll go back in to clean up the black and blue color divide. I’ll probably get to that point then set them aside to get back to the Berzerkers. They’ll at least be base coated and sporting 3-colors at that point.

  • NOoooO!! Save yourself the pain. Half and half paint scheme will send you utterly mad!

    • I picked it for the challenge. This is my fourth army and I’ve done enough ‘easy’ painting. However, since all my cult troops are painted in the color of their god, i have very few that are actually done in the half-scheme which is reserved for the undivided. Doing a whole army this way I could see getting annoying but so far it’s just these guys and Terminators.

      • Yeah. I did it twice (Sister of Battle and Chaos). The challenge is definitely worth it. The hardest part I found was doing vehicles.

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