Chaos Raptors Assembled

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Raptors Assembled

Chaos Raptors AssembledDespite my hate of mold lines I sat down and cleaned up the rest of the parts for my Raptors and got the unit assembled and magnetized. The special weapons Raptors have magnetized arms and the weapon is magnetized to the hand. That way I can do a weapon swap or if I opt to not run special weapons I can put on the normal arms. The Champion has magnetized arms and also the bolt pistol is magnetized to the wrist in case I decide to give him a plasma pistol. Oh, the shoulder pads are not on the two non-magnetized models to make priming and painting easier.

As I noted when I started on the unit, I really like the kit. It’s a very detailed kit and I really love this look of Chaos, the more baroque look. The feet were a bit annoying because you have to glue half the foot on; done that way for either Raptors or Warp Talons. I understand why they did it but it was still a bit annoying and I’ll have to do a little gap filling there.

This week I’ll give the unit a shot and see what happens. I have 5 loyalist Marines, Assault Marines, that will stand in for the other 5 the unit will have but I just haven’t gotten around to ordering the next Raptor box yet. This is the test list I’ll be messing with.

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These are nice looking models. Overall I really like the newer chaos models. I think these will look great with your halved color scheme.