Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Raptors Assembled

Chaos Raptors AssembledDespite my hate of mold lines I sat down and cleaned up the rest of the parts for my Raptors and got the unit assembled and magnetized. The special weapons Raptors have magnetized arms and the weapon is magnetized to the hand. That way I can do a weapon swap or if I opt to not run special weapons I can put on the normal arms. The Champion has magnetized arms and also the bolt pistol is magnetized to the wrist in case I decide to give him a plasma pistol. Oh, the shoulder pads are not on the two non-magnetized models to make priming and painting easier.

As I noted when I started on the unit, I really like the kit. It’s a very detailed kit and I really love this look of Chaos, the more baroque look. The feet were a bit annoying because you have to glue half the foot on; done that way for either Raptors or Warp Talons. I understand why they did it but it was still a bit annoying and I’ll have to do a little gap filling there.

This week I’ll give the unit a shot and see what happens. I have 5 loyalist Marines, Assault Marines, that will stand in for the other 5 the unit will have but I just haven’t gotten around to ordering the next Raptor box yet. This is the test list I’ll be messing with.

  • I just noticed I missed the feet on one of the models. Bah.

  • Also realizing I need to change the position of the Champion’s head. He should be looking to his left, not his right, it just looks odd.

  • These are nice looking models. Overall I really like the newer chaos models. I think these will look great with your halved color scheme.

    • I know they are going to be a bit of a pain to paint but I do think they’ll look good done up in my scheme.

      I’m hoping that eventually they put out a Lord/Sorcerer kit in this style for power armor. The termie Lord/Sorcerer kit is great but they’ve never done one for just power armor.

      • There’s always the conversion route. One of these would be a great base for a lord/sorcerer with jump pack. For a sorcerer you could use one of these without the jump pack and model him as if he’s being lifted by the warp energy he’s channeling.

        • I have a Finecast Sorcerer I got a while ago that I’m working on for this. I had to cut off a static shoulder and then fill in the other side of the torso with green stuff where that arms goes because it was meant to be glued into the torso itself, not your typical arm to shoulder setup. So, now I have the torso ready for magnetization. Say what you will about Finecast, at least it’s easy to work with!

          I have some wings I got from a Fantasy kit I used for my Spawn. I didn’t put the wings on the Spawn for obvious reasons and so I’ll use a set of those on him to represent the jump pack. Always been a fan of the winged Sorcerer aesthetically. The warp energy is a cool idea though and may use that at another point for another model.

          • Nice, I’m looking forward to your winged sorcerer conversion!

          • khorneinquisitor

            I have a winged pack from a possessed kit you could get. You would want to salt heat the wings and bend them a bit for a bit more dynamic of a pose, but I think the scaling would be better than with the vargheist wings.

            • Awesome. I like the look of that backpack and it’s a commodity on eBay, or at least it used to be.

              You after any bits to trade?

              • khorneinquisitor

                I am working on building my next 5 possessed and was wondering if you have any bits from your spawn kits (you have 2 normal ones, right?). After reading first heretic, I would like to make them more like THOSE possessed. I personally don’t care for them, I like the old ones.

                • I never bought the Spawn kit. I do have some of the old Possessed arms though, previous kit, and they’re pretty decent. I can bring them along Wednesday and you can check them out.

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