Chaos Sorcerer: WIP #1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Sorcerer (WIP #1)

I have had this “Finecast” Sorcerer for a while. At the second Standish Standoff I got a free blister pack with my painting award and snagged this guy; so I have had it for over a year now and decided to finally do something with it.

I’m a sucker for magnetizing so the preliminary work that I’m showing is me prepping the model for just that. The right sword arm was intended to go inside the torso where there was a groove. I’ve filled that in and flattened out an area where the magnet will go. The left arm had the shoulder pad molded on to the torso and the bolt pistol arm intended to glue into that. I cut off the shoulder cleanly so I can re-use it and magnetize that on with the rest of the arm glued in.

I have to do some more green stuff work to smooth out a few areas and clean some stuff up but the foundation is there. The sword arm was so terrible, bad casting, that I’m just scrapping it. I have some fantasy bits that I got from Khorne Inquisitor and this is the sword I’ll use for him. I’ll use a power armored arm and likely do a hand transplant. I also like the head from the CSM box and will add that on as well. I wasn’t too fond of the head that came with the model and it also had some casting issues.Chaos Sorcerer: WIP #4

The left shoulder is in good shape but this picture is horrible. The bolt pistol arm that matches to it is also in good shape but I forgot to get a shot of it.

Chaos Sorcerer: WIP #5

I really like the torso of this model and thankfully it is in good shape. I have to do a little filling in, that right foot on the sole mostly, but it’s simple enough.

I will be magnetizing the backpack as well and unsurprisingly the one that came with the model has casting issues as well. Had I bought this model then I would have called GW about it but I didn’t pay for it and since I’m using it as a basis for conversion, screw it. It sounds like Khorne Inquisitor has a Possessed backpack I can get off him with the wings, which is great. My initial plan is for him to have a jump pack and I have always liked the look of a winged backpack Sorcerer to represent that.

That’s it for now, just getting some stuff prepped and ready.

Update: The model is done. Check out the Chaos Sorcerer painting gallery.

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Looks good so far dude :)

I’m having a stab at Magnetizing also. Most people make it look bloody easy :P