Chaos Sorcerer Warforce: WIP #3-1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Sorcerer (WIP #3)

The update from the last time is that I redid the hand. I cut the hand off a power armored arm and cut the hand off the Fantasy arm and put that Fantasy arm with sword on the power armored arm. I positioned it as you see it to try to break up the static nature of the model’s pose. A little greenstuff around the hand & arm merger and it was good to go. I also got the backpack off Khorne Inquisitor and magnetized that on there.


At this stage I think I’m done and I’m happy with how he came out. It was a pretty simple conversion but I like the results. Now I have another HQ I can work into my lists and actually represent, which is always good :)

Update: All done! Check out the painted Chaos Sorcerer.

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That looks much more natural than the first iteration, lookin great…now give him a crazy stand out paint scheme!


Excellent conversion ^_^

Have you considered entering him into Second Spheres’ Warlords Contest? I know its been a while since you were on the forum.