Thor’s Workbench: Cultists WIP #1

Disciples of Twilight EmblemI haven’t done one of these for a while because I lost motivation. My break from painting after The Standish Standoff kept getting longer and longer. Coupled with all the major ass kickings I’ve been receiving lately, well, interest has not been there. However, it was time to break the dry spell and finish off some Cultists I started months ago.

Cultists WIP #1Here’s a shot of five of them. The painting is done, though I’ll double check it again to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and then it’s on to basing. Typical WIP shots so just a quickie and not done for quality.

The paint job is also a ‘quickie’, for me anyway. I’ll need to paint a lot of these and so I wanted something quick and easy that looks good on the table. Hoping I managed that.


  • These look pretty good to me. I really like the Dark Vengeance models and you’ve made some good color choices for them.

    • My only gripe with the set is the duplication. Each model is in there twice. You’ll notice two of the same above and they each have a twin like that in the same unit; I just had not started the other ‘twins’ yet.

      • It is too bad that they are so heavily duplicated, though it’s no worse than the Black Reach Orks and far better than previous kits. It looks like head and arm swaps would be easy enough on many of them.

        I think these are fantastic for a starter box but kinda shitty for a troop box. It would have been really nice if they’d released a multi-part kit for the cultists and kept them interchangeable with the IG models. That would have opened some great modelling opportunities.

  • JustHippie

    I always liked your Blue color scheme on this army. Beats the heck out of my Black primed Cultists, LOL
    I’ve been so busy assembling new kits I really need to get some painting done.

  • I dig ’em. Is that Shadow Grey as a highlight on the black?

  • Nice! I like the cool grey color scheme.

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