Thor’s Workbench: Defiler Renovation (Part 1)

Chaos DefilerEvantheNoob was kind enough to give me a Defiler he had. Thanks again, Evan. The thing is that it was one of the first models he had put together and so it’s in need of some TLC. So, I figured I’d document my progress on getting the Defiler cleaned up and ready for paint.

Here’s two shots as it was given to me.

Defiler: Renovation 1Overall it’s not bad. The biggest thing is the mold lines; none of them are cleaned off. There’s also some pretty liberal gluing that went on and you can see it in spots. Also notice that back hatch isn’t on straight. There’s a gap all around the lower section the torso is glued on to, though it doesn’t show up as bad in these shots as it is in person.

I began taking it all apart.

Defiler: Renovation 2Those front two leg halves would not come off so I wasn’t going to force it, however there wasn’t glue at the leg joint so I was able to remove the lower halves. The reaper autocannon wasn’t glued to the mount and the heavy flamer was but very minimally so that all came off cleanly. With some work I removed the torso so now I can clean that up more easily and then magnet mount it for easier storage.

Defiler: Renovation 3Unfortunately the back two legs didn’t come out of the socket so well. They broke free with part of the lower body still glued on to the legs. Not a big deal though. The breaks are clean and they should glue back in seamlessly. Worse case I do a little green stuff work.

Since these shots I have filled in the gap around the lower torso platform and begun cleaning off the mold lines. I hate cleaning mold lines. I’m hoping to have this useable by Wednesday, 40K night at my FLGS, so more shots to come.

  • JustHippie

    Kinda nice it wasn’t painted so you don’t have to deal with stripping it. Does the Defiler have Daemon USR or just daemonic possession?

    • Just daemonic possession. Only the Lesser Daemons and Greater Daemon got the Daemon USR. For whatever reason the Princes didn’t get it, go figure.

  • Warhammer399999

    You’re a go getter. I probably would’ve just accepted it as is. It’s chaos after all–theyd likely understand a crooked hatch.

    • I can be super anal retentive about certain things and that crooked hatch was something I just couldn’t let slide. I debated not filling in the gaps around the lower body but it kept grating on me until I did it. Sporadic OCD I guess.

      • JustHippie

        I have some bits from my Soul grinder kit I’ll bring tomorrow night(along with that Icon arm I keep forgetting). It comes with some stuff for Defiler that I don’t us maybe they will be of use.

        • If there’s something in there that constitutes an extra close combat arm that would be awesome. Either way, I appreciate it.

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