Thor’s Workbench: Oblits WIP

Not a lot to show in the picture but here’s what’s on my workbench. Yesterday I worked on assembling, more like finishing, two Rhinos and 5 Chosen. I got them so they are about 90% complete, good enough to field at least, and then felt like painting and set them aside.

Oblits WIP

So, above is a very early WIP shot of my Oblits. I had done some green stuff work on them, converting them from Blackreach Termies. It’s not my best green stuff work but I did learn a lot in working on them that I’ll apply on the next ones I do.

As far as paint goes, I want to do them Dark Mechanicus, so lots of red and some black. Doing different color schemes for Chaos like that is one of the things I enjoy about working on this army. It’s hard to get bored.

I’ll be working on these guys today, after I post this, and hopefully later this coming week have more progress to show.

Update: The Obliterators are painted, check’em out.

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Spectre Senence

Those are coming along nicely, once you add your painting skill they will be awesome I’m sure!


Looking good, Thor.  I’m surprised you didn’t take the heraldry pads off the left arms and they’re decidedly imperial.  Are the Oblits. in your army also fallen Fate’s Angels rather than the typical unaffiliated cultists?

Either way, I agree these will look sweet once you’ve painted them.

Jarid Fitzgerald
Jarid Fitzgerald

They are about a million times better than the GW models that is for sure. I like the sinew look you have molding the guns into the arms.