Thor’s Workbench: Oblits WIP

Not a lot to show in the picture but here’s what’s on my workbench. Yesterday I worked on assembling, more like finishing, two Rhinos and 5 Chosen. I got them so they are about 90% complete, good enough to field at least, and then felt like painting and set them aside.

Oblits WIP

So, above is a very early WIP shot of my Oblits. I had done some green stuff work on them, converting them from Blackreach Termies. It’s not my best green stuff work but I did learn a lot in working on them that I’ll apply on the next ones I do.

As far as paint goes, I want to do them Dark Mechanicus, so lots of red and some black. Doing different color schemes for Chaos like that is one of the things I enjoy about working on this army. It’s hard to get bored.

I’ll be working on these guys today, after I post this, and hopefully later this coming week have more progress to show.

Update: The Obliterators are painted, check’em out.

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Thor’s Workbench: Oblits WIP
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