Thor’s Workbench: Spawn WIP

SpawnI absolutely love the Spawn unit and it was the first unit I bought models for in the new codex for Chaos. As much as I like the Spawn kit, I ended up going another route. For a few more dollars than the Spawn kit I got the Vampire Counts Vargheists / Crypt Horrors. I really liked the look of the models and it came with three in the box instead of two like the Spawn kit. Fluff-wise the Marines have a genetic defect and long exposure to the warp has mutated that defect and turned them into what you see.

This is the last model from the kit that I’m working on and it’s just about done. The first two I got completed for the Standoff. As I always say, once I get the unit 100% done I’ll take a shot of them in a much better setup than these WIP shots I’ll show you. For now, here’s some shots of the model just about complete…of assorted quality.

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Love it!


By substituting a fantasy model for 40k one you’ve managed to save some money and add a unique visual aspect to your force. You’ve even managed to make it fit your fluff better than the original model. It’s a very clever model swap!

So far I really like the way this unit looks alongside the rest of your army. They’ll be great when they’re finished!


There’s a Dark Eldar player out in the blogosphere who used those models as standins for Razorwing Flocks for his Beatmaster units. Makes more sense than a bunch of friggin’ brids, lol.

Warhammer 39,999

I dig ’em. Granted, they’re less amorphic than the “real” spawn models, but I rather like that. Many people go overboard when assembling spawn, and it really detracts from the model. These guys look great.

JD Brink

I like the model choice and the color choice! He’ll really stand out on the battle field!