Thor’s Workbench: The Calling of Chaos

The projects continue. I’ve been a bit all over the place with them the past few weeks. If one project needs downtime (IE: washes drying, glue setting up, etc.), I’ll jump on to the next project. So, I’ve got a bit of this and that.


A unit I started a few years ago is getting some recent paint. I haven’t been sold on them in 8th for Chaos, but I felt like painting something that would be relatively easy, at least compared to my Land Raider.

Nothing special at this point, just some basecoating. I still have to pick out cables, lenses, and details in general. From there they will get a wash and highlights. Simple.

Raptors WIP

Combi Weapons & Icons

The shop I play at has been doing power level for the monthly tournaments. Last month was 80PL, and August will be 100PL. I have my issues with PL for tournaments – namely that it’s not for them as per the rulebook itself, but that’s another article.

Anyway, as a result I have to get some combi weapons done, and some icons. They’re free with PL, so I’d be stupid to not load up on all the freebies. Everyone else does. I was 350pts behind one guy at this month’s tournament, and no doubt some (not all) of that was related to stuff like this.

Anyway, I got these combi-plasma and combi-melta guns from Kromlech last year. So, it was time to put them to use.

You’ll see below that I painted up one of each: combi-plasma and combi-melta. I also painted two Icons of Wrath as they’re the only universally useful ones for Chaos (re-roll charge). Well, other than Vengeance (+1LD), but I have two of those right now.

The longer one is for my Terminators. It gets magnetized to the base and stands up behind the Termie.

Nothing fancy on any of this, just getting it tabletop ready.


I picked this up last year with the intent of fixing it up. Well, I’ve started that process, and the first thing was a bath to strip it.

Stripped Predator

The process seemed to weaken the glue holding most of it together. So, I took it apart to be able to clean up the glued areas and put it together again, which is good because a lot of it was assembled poorly.

I’m still early in the process. Metal is a chore to work with, and the top turret needed a bit of love. There was a horrible mold line around it that took quite a bit of filing to clean off. Also, the turret wouldn’t slot into its hole, so I had to file the turret ring, and the hole, a bit to get that to fit together.

By the time I got that all done, I glue down one metal plate and called it a night. See, my hobby light bulb burnt out and I have no replacement – hence the dark picture below. I ordered two of those last night (I’ll have backup this time), but I won’t get it until Friday.

Predator: WIP #1

The End

I recently finished up my Maulerfiend, so I’ve been busy getting into 8th. That being said, I’m also not doing anything that’s not an overdue project. With a Chaos codex due out before Christmas, and no doubt some changes to come, I’m not going to commit to too much right now. Still, I don’t want to remain idle either; I did plenty of that in 7th.

How’s everyone else’s projects for 8th going? All done or a lot more left to do?

Update: The Chaos Predator is painted.


  • Good stuff chief. Aa you said on my post we both have old metal predators on the go now, no doubt yours will be painted better.
    Looking forward to seeing the progress.

    • The Predator may be my next painting project after the Raptors. It’s something I know I’m going to use a lot in 8th.

  • Kenneth Raymond

    Metal predators were always a hassle to put together. (You appear to be doing to classic escalation painting style. starting with raptors, then a predator before attempting your LR?)
    I hate looking at my backlog (75 normal models, 14 from BFG, 9 from AVP, 15 Zone mortalis tiles, 4 zone mortalis doors, a hydra platform, and a pile of assorted scenery [inc Aos Chaos helfort, bastions, wall of martyrs, an Aquila strongpoint and various scatter terrain. 6 realm of battle tiles]) so I am ignoring it and my lack of paint by pushing onwards with some Death guard (the new ones, I finished the Lord of contagion) while proceeding with the Praetor missile tank rescue attempt. (LR track sections are now filed flat and are glued into position. I have prized off the treads and will be sorting them out during Death guard related distractions as I have the paints I need for them.)

    • God, most of the parts just don’t fit right with that upgrade kit; you’re not kidding.

      You’re correct on my process with painting. I feel like getting some things pushed out, and then I’ll work on the endless task of the Land Raider.

      Backlogs are endless, but yours is far longer than mine. Damn.

  • Yeah, those Predators are a total pain to work with. One of them was my first 40K Vehicle kit, and it was a freakin’ nightmare. I ended up assembling it somewhat differently than it was actually supposed to go, because I just couldn’t get the parts to fit right the way the directions said.

    Still not as bad as the Plastic/Metal hybrid Land Raider Crusader, tho. I never did manage to get that thing to last more than a single Game without some part or other falling off.

    Your stand for the various magnetized bits looks kind of like a stick figure CSM ;)

    • Thankfully plastic has come a long way. I can see why they did some metal parts back then because that plastic is terrible. It’s thin and soft; certainly wouldn’t have held much detail. Now, we get good quality plastic and detail, no need for metal – thank god.

      lol, you’re right; it does look like a stick figure CSM. I never noticed that.

      • I do kind of wish that they’d done the plastic version with a blockier turret, more like the 2nd Ed Autocannon one. I really like that look.

  • The old metal tanks were wonky as hell, but there’s something about working with them that I enjoy. Must be my love of refurbishment. I rebuilt one old metal Razorback, and two metal Land Raider Crusaders. I started on a Vindicator before losing interest and selling the parts.

    I’m still slogging through this trio of Landspeeders, despite knowing I’ll likely never use them in 8th. Too many points.

    • It is enjoyable to fix something up. Aggravating, but also enjoyable.

      It’s funny. We often pick up these well-used items for cheap, and then we proceed to pour hours of work into them. In the end, if you count time as money, we’ve spent more for it than buying a new one. The irony being I buy it because it’s cheap, not because I want a project, so ultimately I’m never saving any money.

      I’m not up on the SM cost of things. How many points are Speeders?

      • Eighty points base, plus you pay for weapons. Ten for a heavy bolter, twenty seven for multimelta, twenty one for assault cannon, seventeen for heavy flamer, and a whopping fifty for typhoon missiles.

        • Jesus. Maybe it will get toned down a bit in the codex.

          • They aren’t a terrible unit, just expensive. The Typhoon launcher can be a beast with two fire modes. Krak missiles are quite good now.
            The problem is that all its weapons are Heavy, meaning you’re very often firing at -1 BS.
            The speeder is also only a three strong unit max, meaning it’s not really ever going to contest many forward objectives. Speeders feel like they’ve been relegated to backfield fire support now, instead of forward ranging fast movers.

      • They’re not always directly exchangable at will, tho. Speaking just for myself, I often end up with rather more time available than money, so pick up a lot of stuff that’s cheap because it’s in questionable condition.

        • Absolutely. If you’ve got the time then why the hell not save money that way? The problem for me is lack of time and money lately :(

          • When you’re short on both, that really does suck, yeah.

  • I’ve been doing the same, going through my stuff and finishing off units (well, planning to finish off anyway :) ). Def good to wait till the codexes drop before adding anything new.

    • I feel like CSM has been in a holding pattern for a long time now. I’m sure others forged ahead, but when we got Khorne Daemonkin in 7th, I held out hope for an update CSM codex. We later got updated supplements, and new supplements, and I kept waiting.

      Now, we’ve hit 8th and we know for a fact there’s a CSM codex coming, so the waiting continues. It will be nice to finally let out the breathe I’ve been holding and work on my army.

      • Yeah I bet. It has been a long time coming. I am personally
        Looking forward to some flavour being added back into armies after the 8th reset. As much as I like the new rules one of my niggles is the lack of character in most armies at the mo

        • I know exactly what you mean.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        I really loved Traitor Legions. Fantastic deep book, then rendered obsolete so fast.

        The Index is rubbish. I am ebaying my 8th edition rules etc, just hate 8th.

        I had a few weeks just playing SAGA, totally lost my GW mojo.

        Got the SM red books for 30k half price on Ebay so getting stuck into stripping and repainting lots of my 40k models (including old metal predators!) for 30k.

        • Traitor Legions was great, but the timing sucked. Traitor Legions was what the codex should have always been.

          That being said, that appears to be the case with the 8th codex for CSM. We’ll have legion rules and such very much like Traitor Legions.

          I realize it’s too late for you though. It sucks when someone gets out of a game because they don’t like what it’s become, but I completely understand. I am curious what they have in store for 30K now that there’s such a big divergence between it and 40K.

  • Some really nice progress there! I remember the same thing with my Predator all those years ago. I also ended up having to file down the turret just to make it fit.

    • I figured the turret issue was the previous owner, but nope – guess it’s just a design flaw.

      • I think it’s an effect of the pewter shrinking when it cooled in the mold. All the turrets on those old vehicles seem to do that.

        • Ah. That makes sense.

  • I’m also building a lot of stuff for 8th. My main Chaos army for 8th will be Thousand Sons but I’ll add a couple of auxiliary non-TS units too. I’m looking at Chaos Terminators with combi-plasma, raptors with melta and a combi-melta and a group of Chosen with five combi-flamers. If you can get that group of chosen in range your looking at a potential 30 autohits and an additional 10 bolter shots. Pretty good and a reasonable price too, even if you add a few body bags.

    • I wonder when we’ll ever see a Chosen kit? We need a lot of kits to get updated, but has Chaos ever had one for Chosen?

      I do love the change to combi weapons; it just makes more sense this way. That’s one thing that Chaos can do well – get a lot of combi weapons.

      I need to get some flamers in my list now that I like how they work.

      • A kit for Chosen would be so easy to make for them, it’s only Marines after all. I’ll be using HH armour for my unit instead.

        Flamers are really, really good. Especially against units with low model count. You can force loads of armour saves.

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