Thor’s Workbench: WIP Sculpted Juggernaut

metal_sculpting_toolsI enjoy sculpting more than any other part of the hobby. I don’t get to do it very often though. If I were to sculpt as much as I’d like to then nothing would get ever get done on my armies. However, I’ll often come up with a big project, a showpiece I suppose, and focus on that one thing. That’s what this is, my juggernaut.

My Chaos Marines are undivided and I needed a juggernaut so I decided to sculpt one. I like the actual juggernaut model but finding one at a reasonable price on eBay was impossible. Plus, since my Marines are undivided I figured I’d do something unique and not god specific, even though of course my Lord is marked with Khorne to use it. Lastly, I was dying to try sculpting something lately.

Before I show you the shot, bear in mind this thing is very WIP at this stage. It’s been a big undertaking and this is the third attempt, my first two I tore apart in frustration. Working on something so big requires working in a lot of little steps. I can get impatient with sculpting at times, hating that dry time before you can handle it, but I’m pushing myself to be patient and do this right. Most nights I add on a little piece here or there and do the same the next night.

Anyway, here’s the very WIP “juggernaut” I’m working on for my Chaos Lord. I had to brighten up the shots some to show the detail.

WIP Juggernaut 1 WIP Juggernaut 2 WIP Juggernaut 3




The heads are from the backpack of the old metal Daemon Prince. I like the awkward pose of them when viewing it head-on, no pun intended. As you can tell I’m going for a bipedal version of this instead of four legs. I want it to appear powerful without lots of armor and figured two huge legs, along with that torso, would do that.

At this point I’m working on the legs. Once those are done it’s on to getting the Lord on him. Because of the size of the “juggernaut”, I’ll have to pose the Lord like this:

ord on Juggernautwhere his legs are raised up almost at a 90 degree angle from his torso.

So, there’s what I’ve been messing with the past few weeks and what has been keeping me from painting.

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Sean Squires
Sean Squires

Good work, keep at it.


It looks like you’ve got a good start there. The two heads almost look like they are trying to pull away from each other.


Very ambitious, I don’t see your vision yet but I’m sure it will be cool in the end.

Warhammer 39,999

I’m with hippie. The sculpting looks good, but I can’t visualize where you’re going with this. Looking forward to updates…