Time to switch gears – Digging out the orks

Hello all,

I’ve been suffering a bit if ennui lately in regards to the Reavers, my Space Wolf lost company.  I was excited about the change to 6th edition prior to it’s release.  Now that I have managed a few games I’m still pretty excited about it.  But while I’ve maintained a good deal of enthusiasm for 40k I’ve found it difficult to muster the energy to work on the models.  I’ve spent a lot of time considering an allied contingent for the Reavers to break the monotony but I’m pretty much spinning my wheels there as well.  More and more in the past few weeks I’ve been felling the old pull of the Waaagh!

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while may remember that I have a good sized ork army.  I also have a decent collection of Eldar, plus a small Sisters of Battle army that hasn’t seen the table since 2nd edition.  Ive enjoyed painting and playing with all of the armies I’ve tried but there’s a freedom to the Orks that I just don’t find in the other armies.  It’s an army where WYSIWYG can be stretched to the limits, where the potential for variety and self expression is wider than any other army.

Although it has been around for a while, the current codex seems to have weathered the transition to 6th pretty well.  My biggest disappointment moving from the previous codex to this one was the change in looted vehicles.  Although I love my boomwagons, I liked the ability to take actual imperial vehicles.  Now that 6th ed has opened up allies that possibility is back.  I could bring in some slave IG, or a mercenary band of rebel grots with looted gear.

Whatever course I take with the orks, what I really need right now is a chance to kitbash and convert with wild abandon for a while before I return to one of the more structured races.  There will be plenty of pics to come in the near future.  For now I’ll leave you with a couple of my old pics:


battlewagon-11_0Bad Moon Nob - 4

Thanks for looking!


  • I haven’t seen anyone play Orks yet at XRG since 6th so I’m curious how things came together for them. With the changes to vehicles they remain one of the few armies capable of easy, and cheap, assault delivery. How that actually plays out in 6th is the part that I’m curious of.

    • therhino

      I think the kick in the nuts for Orks was the restriction to 6″ of vehicle movement in order to get out. It means the Orks are blasting trukks and wagons forward 18″ in turn one, but those same vehicles are about guaranteed to die in the enemy’s next turn, and the now-disembarked Orks can’t assault in their next turn!
      Oddly enough, Orks are the best army at Overwatch in the game due to available unit sizes and an already-crappy BS. Charging into a 30-strong unit of Shoota Boyz will make anyone think twice. Units like Lootaz and Burna Boys are unstoppable now, though. All that dakka from Lootaz can knock even flyers out of the sky with minimal loss of utility from normal shooting.

      • Remember, open-topped vehicles are assault vehicles so the particular damage result to the vehicle doesn’t matter, they can still assault.

        • Trukks also get a 12″ flat out move. The basic trukk tactic will be to move 24″ turn one, blow up and hope for a decent Ramshackle result, then get to charging.
          Another kick in the teeth for the orks is Disordered Charge. Big mobs and Nobz loved the multi-assault. Losing that attack definitely blunts their impact.
          I do plan to build some lootas and a defense line. My kannons will probably see the table more often now that the whole unit counts as t7 for shooting. Give that a 4+ cover for ruins or the ADL and it should stick around for a while.
          As for shootas, I loved in 5th and they’ll be even better in 6th!

          • JustHippie

            I’ve been wanting to try out some T7 grots via new artillery rules. Always use the gun T value but wounds still go closest to furthest so put those grots out front with 1 behind the kannon to survive and shoot it. And a BW w/deffrolla full of Burnas would be fun too, assault this. hehe

            • Toss in an ADL and you can shield 3 full artillery units as well, plus throw down a quad gun for the extra Grots to use at their awesome BS3.

              • JustHippie

                I was thinking of running a Kannon-Wall list. Ghaz attahed to the Kannons (majority T7) walking at you and snapfiring Kraks while doing it. Unleash Ghaz when he is close enough. All other units behind getting 5+ cover too.

                • @JustHippie:disqus Artillery models can’t snap fire. Although 78 points for 18 T7 wounds does make it a cheap way to get him across the board.

                  • JustHippie

                    I just think the concept of always using the guns T value is silly TBH. I always liked my Kannons even when they were junk so I’m glad I have them now that they’ll be decent.

                    • @JustHippie:disqus I agree. It makes sense for the unit to gain some durability from the guns but making them automatic majority T is a bit much. Particularly with T2 crew. I always thought randomizing hits made sense.
                      36″ missile launchers with BS 3 has always been a good buy for the orks at that price, they just face a lot of tough competition in the Heavy slot. Now that they’re also durable they’re harder to pass up.

    • I think that’s one of the resons they’re calling to me. I’ve seen plenty of power armored duds, as always, but not a lot of green. They’re crying out for representation!
      Before I put them down I was working on some big mobs to move from speed freek to a more hybrid army so I’m planning to pick up there. I tend toward shootier builds with my orks so I think they’ll work out well.

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