Two More Games in 6th: My Shortcomings

Fate's Angels: 6th EditionThis past weekend I had some free time so I headed down to the shop to get in two games against another regular. He had only played one game prior as well so we both had a lot of learning to do.

Straight off I’ll say that I lost both games. The first one I got my ass kicked and the second one was closer but still a decisive victory for my opponent. To top off the learning curve of 6th, I also played my Marines as I need to familiarize myself with them again for a team tournament next weekend and the Feast of Blades qualifier next month. All those subtle differences between Marines and Chaos adds up and I found myself forgetting important rules/tactics that could have aided me. It probably wouldn’t have turned the tide of the battle but at least made it closer.

There’s a few things so far in 6th that keep getting the better of me that I really need to get down. It’s not forgetting the new rules or anything like that, it’s those small changes and their implications.

The random charge rangem with the potential for a 12″ chargem I need to be far more cognizant of. I know the rule, I know I can pre-measure but this one seems to have bitten me in the ass too often in my first few games. I think I still have the old 6″ charge range ingrained and every time I feel I’m safely out of range I find I’m not. It’s hard to believe this one is biting me in the ass as much as it is.

Transports and disembarking, ug. Unless you have an assault vehicle you can’t get out of your ride and charge, ever. This means if you want to charge something, or just have free normal movement, you need to be out of your ride a turn earlier than you need it. This one will take some getting used to. It’s one thing to plan ahead for it but the kicker is when you need to support a unit in assault and you can’t. This does go hand-in-hand with the previously mentioned charge range but still there will be times you get charged and you just weren’t ready for it. However, unless you were already out of your vehicle then you can’t go bail out a unit in need.

What it all boils down to it me needing to get better at reading the appropriate times to bail out of the ride. For me at least, the days of sitting in the box and only ever getting out when it gets blown up are gone. Transports are now more what they were intended for, a deliver system and not a safe haven.

If I can overcome these current hurdles than I’ll be well on my way. So far I’m doing well with the rules and putting together lists more suited for 6th. I just need to shake of the last of the 5th edition shackles.

  • JustHippie

    I’ve kind of come to a conclusion that the units that were good and durable in 5th edition still are. Everyone is worried about flyers and they CAN be ignored and just play to the mission. Good positioning can even force them to wreck or at least force them off the board and into ongoing reserves. Vehicles are still great just not OP for their points like they were. I’ve been playing Soul grinders and having glances do nothing but strip a HP is nice. I can still move, and charge with fleet!

  • therhino

    Those scouts’ cloaks look nice. Remind me to look at those in person on Saturday.

    • Thanks and I’ll be using them on Saturday so I’ll have them with me.

      I didn’t highlight them at all, which you’ll see. I wanted the attention drawn to the camo itself and I thought highlights would detract from it.

  • Having played zero games myself, I wonder how that charge range affects the game. Do people wind up attempting long charges very often? Is overwatch enough to dissuade that from happening? Do you find yourself failing shorter charges very often?

    • Depends on the charging bit. If you have a unit like Assault Marines, who are only for one thing, then you’ll try and assault far, especially if you have fleet. For me, I try and keep it in the 7″ range, the average roll, for reliability when dealing with non-dedicated assault units.

      Overwatch is a consideration but I haven’t seen it have an enormous impact. That being said, I’d be all means consider it if diving into a blob of IG, at least make sure I have the bodies to soak up the wound or two that will likely get through.

      I’ve fallen short on a charge once and it was only 6″ between us and I rolled a 3 or a 4″. That was annoying but overall I don’t mind the random charge range.

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