Ultramarines Movie – First Trailer

Just got this in my inbox, the first trailer for the movie Ultramarines. This is our first look at seeing the movie in action.

I’m reserving judgment for now but what do you all think?

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HOLY CRAP!!! I think I just….remembered that young children might read this so won’t finish that comment!!! But WOW!!! That looks AWESOME!!! John Hurt was definately the best choice for that voice-over… But one thing that does piddle me off is this “..and the greatest of them all are the ULTRAMARINES!” My ASS!!! Raven Guard, Blood Angels, Dark Angels are far better!!! I hope that they do other movies based on the other chapters, because I think GW need to wake up to the REALITY that the majority of 40K marine fans actually HATE ultramarines. They inevitably become the first choice for many noobs, but once they’ve woken up a little, read some of the background on other chapters then they realise that the Smurfs are just Fisher-Price “My First Astartes Army!” GRRRR!!! Prejudices aside though, this is looking to be what we have all been waiting for… Please don’t screw it up now GW!!