Ultramarines Movie Teaser

Ultramarines MovieSo, the other day we got our first glimpse at the upcoming Ultramarines movie. Below is the teaser.

I waited with so much nerdy anticipation for that teaser and was disappointed. The Ultramarines site mentions this is Captain Severus of the 2nd Company…what? Cato Sicarius is the current Captain of the 2nd Company unless the movie intends to kill him off, which I highly doubt. I noticed in the teaser that the shoulder trim is black so I’m hoping they meant the 5th Company instead.

Potential typo aside, it’s just not much of a teaser. We get the typical cliche 40K fluff narrated as they do a close up of this Captain, exciting. The site mentions that this showcases their animation; are you serious? There’s some subtle animation but mostly it’s a flapping purity seal, hardly showcasing much of anything if you ask me. The model’s armor is poorly done in my opinion. The Ultramarines emblem on the left shoulder appears to just be painted on instead of being an embossed emblem, something you’d expect of a Captain. The emblem on the chest also appears to just be textured, the skull may be an exception, and the texture itself is terrible. Watch the chest emblem as they zoom in and you’ll see how poorly it’s done. The face is done well, I’ll grant them that, it’s just the rest of the model needs to match the quality they’ve given to the face.

Honestly, I want this movie to kick ass. They are releasing it straight to DVD, a smart move in my opinion. Even though it’s not going to be in theatres trying to capture a new massive audience they are surely hoping to still grab some new bodies to the way of 40K. As such, and especially for us 40K fans, the movie needs to be done well. This is the first and only 40K movie, it needs to pave the way for future movies and maybe eventually a big screen appearance. If they fail with this then I doubt we’ll ever see another attempt. I’m really hoping this teaser isn’t a sign of the quality expected in the movie.

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