Upcoming ‘ard Boyz and a Break for Me

May is the month for ‘ard Boyz and my FLGS will be holding preliminaries for it. The April tournament at the shop will be 2,500 to get ready for the encroaching ‘ard Boyz. Since I have no interest in ‘ard Boyz in May I’ll be skipping out on the April tournament also. A few months off from tournaments is a good thing I think. It will give me a chance to wrap up my Marines a bit more, hopefully, as well as the last few unpainted models my Orks have.

Why no ‘ard Boyz for me? Simple, just too much competition for me honestly. Doing tournaments is still new to me, having only done four now. The store tournaments I really enjoy because it’s a laid back day of gaming. People want to win of course but with army composition scoring, best painted, best sportsmanship, etc., the lists you see tend to be less on the cheesy side and a bit more fluffy and balanced. With ‘ard Boyz though it really all comes down to winning and army composition is out the window, well being scored on it that is. Plus, being an official GW event and with the prizes to be had, I just figure the environment will tip from fun to cutthroat.

I do enjoy being competitive, it keeps my mind churning to work out new and better lists, different strategies and  just keeps things fresh. But I will admit the level of competition for ‘ard Boyz I feel is a league above me. Who knows about next year though. I won’t rule out attending ‘ard Boyz, or any other large tournament scene. I thought I’d never game at a local shop and now I do it weekly. I never wanted to enter a tournament previously and now I’ve done four. So, ‘ard Boyz 2011…maybe.

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