Rok Da Vote: Upcoming Ork Codex for Warhammer 40K 7th Edition (Closed)

Ork Codex: Warhammer 40K 7th EditionImpressively the poll got 71 votes in just four days. Since the new Ork codex is now out, it’s time to close down this poll. I’ll be picking up my copy of the codex today and I can’t wait to read it and start mapping out where I’m going with the army, like I talked about yesterday.

Anyway, on to the results.


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We’ll start from the top down where 8% said they couldn’t care less about the Ork codex. I guess…well, that they don’t care about Orks. How can anyone not love Orks though?

It may reinvigorate my interest in 40K was picked by 6%. In the past I’ve run these polls for upcoming codices with different answers than I used this time. So, this is the first time I’ve had this (or any of these answers), on the poll. So, it’s interesting to see that even a small percentage of people may gain interest in the game itself based on the army. Now I think about it, it’s not too surprising since some people do only play one army and, in this case, likely Orks.

The second biggest answer were those who are cautiously optimistic. As I said in the last poll with this answer, it’s not shocking to see this get so many votes when Games Workshop hasn’t had the best track record in recent releases. Especially since this codex was so long in the making, and with so many large alterations, you have to wonder if it will be amazing or flop.

25% Said this was going to rock and I was one of those. It’s a bit of blind faith to be sure, as I put little merit into rumors and solid information is hard to come by, at least proven accurate information. However, I felt Games Workshop would nail this one and the codex was in such a need of an update that I felt it could only be better. I’ll find out later today!

Lastly was 18% who said they had a bad feeling about it. This ties into cautious optimism; you just can’t help but wonder and hope but are pragmatic about it. I had not really seen anything that led me down this path but I can’t fault anyone who voted this way.

Overall that puts 45% of the vote as positive, 68% if you roll in cautious optimism. Not too bad I think. It doesn’t have the appeal that some of the other previous big codices had before release, like Tau and Eldar, but reasonable. I think Orks are an army that many enjoy and think are fun but ultimately very few play, or at least very few dedicated Ork players. It’s an army, in my experience over three codices now and three game editions, that tends to come in strong and then eventually lose momentum in a game edition and in the face of other stronger codices. Maybe they’ll buck the trend this time? I sure hope so.

  • I’m crazy happy now. I was originally saddened that I couldn’t field my old kan wall…but they went and added a dread mob formation in the ghazkull book. (2 naughts, 3 deff dreads, 9 killa kans, big mek and painboy). So now I can pretty much run the exact list I wanted to run in the first place, with a modern codex. So flippin happy I can’t even express it properly.

    to add to the fun…look at the KFF bubble two naugts make!

    • That’s awesome and damn impressive. I really want a Naught but they’re so damn expensive.

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