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Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #34

First things first. I changed the title of this series from Community Pimp’n to Wargaming Bloggers Showcase. As cool as I thought the title Community Pimp’n was, I feel it’s not drawn as much attention to these awesome bloggers I’m showcasing as they deserve. So, the title has changed to hopefully draw in a bigger crowd, but the intention of the series remains unchanged – to showcase awesome stuff by fellow bloggers. Speaking of, here we go!

Age of Sigmar: Dire WolvesTechnasma: Showcase: Blanchitsu Dire Wolves – You can always find some amazingly painted stuff over at Technasma. This time it’s Dire Wolves painted in the style of John Blanche, same as they had done previously with a Bloodletter. The results are great, and really matches that unique style of John Blanche very well.



Castigator's SpawnCastigator’s Chaos: Chaos Boon – Slaanesh Spawn – Castigator has some very cool Slaanesh stuff. Definitely check out the rest of his stuff. This time, however, he has a Chaos Spawn he built and painted for any unfortunate Chaos follower who fails the Dark Gods. It’s a great looking Spawn, and far more fitting than the standard GW Spawn kit.



Blog for the Blog God: 40K Tactics: Objective Placement – The video is aimed at showing how to place objectives for Maelstrom of War missions for mid/short ranged armies in all the various deployment types. However, the advice given is useful for any army. It really changed how I look at objective placement now.



Queen BeeTibbs Forge: Finished Imperial Knight conversion project – This is an old one from 5 months ago, and I have no idea how I missed this back then, as Tibb’s is someone I follow. Anyway, this is one of the most amazing conversions, and paint jobs, on a Knight I have seen to date. The attention to detail on this thing is simply staggering. Seriously, go check this thing out and revel in its awesomeness.


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Brennan Barni
Brennan Barni

That Slaanesh spawn is stunning! :O

And here I am, being satisfied with my skill when I manage to convincingly fit a loose sword into a marine’s hand…

Tibbs Forge

Thanks for the mention, buddy!


I second this. I’d love to hear how she did in games.


Thanks for the shout out mate.