Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #34

First things first. I changed the title of this series from Community Pimp’n to Wargaming Bloggers Showcase. As cool as I thought the title Community Pimp’n was, I feel it’s not drawn as much attention to these awesome bloggers I’m showcasing as they deserve. So, the title has changed to hopefully draw in a bigger crowd, but the intention of the series remains unchanged – to showcase awesome stuff by fellow bloggers. Speaking of, here we go!

Age of Sigmar: Dire WolvesTechnasma: Showcase: Blanchitsu Dire Wolves – You can always find some amazingly painted stuff over at Technasma. This time it’s Dire Wolves painted in the style of John Blanche, same as they had done previously with a Bloodletter. The results are great, and really matches that unique style of John Blanche very well.



Castigator's SpawnCastigator’s Chaos: Chaos Boon – Slaanesh Spawn – Castigator has some very cool Slaanesh stuff. Definitely check out the rest of his stuff. This time, however, he has a Chaos Spawn he built and painted for any unfortunate Chaos follower who fails the Dark Gods. It’s a great looking Spawn, and far more fitting than the standard GW Spawn kit.



Blog for the Blog God: 40K Tactics: Objective Placement – The video is aimed at showing how to place objectives for Maelstrom of War missions for mid/short ranged armies in all the various deployment types. However, the advice given is useful for any army. It really changed how I look at objective placement now.



Queen BeeTibbs Forge: Finished Imperial Knight conversion project – This is an old one from 5 months ago, and I have no idea how I missed this back then, as Tibb’s is someone I follow. Anyway, this is one of the most amazing conversions, and paint jobs, on a Knight I have seen to date. The attention to detail on this thing is simply staggering. Seriously, go check this thing out and revel in its awesomeness.


  • Brennan Barni

    That Slaanesh spawn is stunning! :O

    And here I am, being satisfied with my skill when I manage to convincingly fit a loose sword into a marine’s hand…

    • Oh, I hear you. I look at the work of many of the bloggers I follow and realize I have a long way to go with my painting.

      • Brennan Barni

        I’m having trouble even finishing basic Space Wolf Grey Hunters at this point, due to my absurdly high standard of quality. I’m actually (somewhat hypocritically but, hey, do as I say and not as I do, right?) working on an article talking about how that’s one of the worst pitfalls one can fall into. Driving me up a wall how much trouble I sometimes have getting myself to be confident enough to put brush to plastic.

        • That would be a great article. We all struggle with it at one point or another.

  • Thanks for the mention, buddy!

    • No problem. How’s the Queen Bee working out in your games anyway?

      • I’ve, uh… Never put her on a table top. Have I mentioned I rarely play? Lol

        • You have, but I figured you’d go out of your way to get that on the table. She’s going to have the classic case of NPMS (newly painted model syndrome), where she dies the first time something looks her way. At least, that’s always the case with me.

          • Yeah, that would suck… I’m hoping nobody will want to shoot her off the table and she can have her run of the place.

            • If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that big scary models, which are painted really well, get shot at first and often.

    • I second this. I’d love to hear how she did in games.

  • Castigator

    Thanks for the shout out mate.

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