Bringing Sexy Back – Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #39

If you’re new here, the Wargaming Bloggers Showcase is where I feature articles by fellow bloggers that I feel deserve your attention. They are great articles, great painting features, that should be read by everyone.

Without further ado, here we go.

Klatu.org: A Goblin and His Pet 3: Screw It, It’s Finished

GoblinI saw this last month and really liked it. I’m not sure where this model is from, or for what game, but it doesn’t matter because the paint job is great. Between the metal armor, the depth to the skin, and the blending of colors on the mount itself, it’s fantastic. The basing Nils does is always great as well.

On a related note, you folks really should follow Nils’ work on his blog. He’s always painting very interesting miniatures, and does really nice work, hence him being featured on here quite a few times.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Spray Priming Miniatures

Spray PrimingDave is always putting up useful tutorials on Wargaming Tradecraft. Here’s another one of his tutorials, and this one covers how to properly spray prime your miniatures. It’s aimed at newer painters, but who knows, you might learn something as a veteran.

This is well worth the watch for any beginners. It’s under 5 minutes in length – the video, and teaches you everything you really need to know to successfully prime your figures.

On a related note, I just did an article on how to fix fuzzy primer problems.

fantasygames.com.pl: Nurgle Daemonic Skin

Nurgle SkinThis is an old article. Well, old as far as the internet goes. It’s from four years ago, and I stumbled on it while on Pinterest.

Anyway, this is possibly the coolest method for creating daemonic skin I’ve seen to date. It’s super simple to do – way easier than sculpting, and creates an extremely convincing effect. Once you see the end result all painted up, it’s stunning. I’m actually anxious to try this out. I just have to find a model in need of some daemonic skin…

Objective Secured: Harlequin Carnival – La Danse Macabre Full Army Shots

CarnivalNafNaf being featured on here is nothing new. I’ve shown his continued progress on his Eldar/Dark Eldar army, La Danse Macabre, countless times. He lovingly converts and sculpts every single model in the army. That takes a ton of motivation, that’s for sure.

Well, this time NafNaf took a shot of his army competition to date. It’s a sight to behold. Seeing all those units put together in one shot is awesome.

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Some nice articles there but the stand out is finally getting pictures from Nafnaf of the full army. So good.

Nils Holmbergh

Thank you very much for including me in the feature and the kind words, sure made my day much better :)

The miniature is from Infamy Miniature, it’s part of their One-Shot range. They aren’t for a specific game but I can see it being used as a cool alternative model for an orc general or something like that. The size I believe is around 50mm in height.


That Harlequin army… just WOW! Makes me almost want to dig up my old 2nd Ed Harlequin army.


Awesome thanks for the mention :). Really pleased the pics have recieved such a positive response

Nils Holmbergh

It’s definitely the coolest army I’ve seen this year.