Wargaming Bloggers Showcase #42

Another installment of the Wargaming Bloggers Showcase, where I gather great articles from fellow bloggers and share them with you all.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Klatu.org: Shaetann – He’s finally finished!… and there was much rejoicing

ShaetannRemember the Shaetann I’ve shown you all previously here? Well, Nils has finished it and it looks amazing.

As I said the last time, the sculpting on this thing is amazing. Nils has done an equally amazing job bringing it to life.

Just to check it out…now!

The Roost of Turkadactyl: Sylvaneth- Dryads

DryadsTurkadactyl has been very busy working on his Sylvaneth army. He liked the models, so he picked them up and ran with it.

The paint job on these is great, and the basing elevates it all. There’s so many spots of brightness and contrast that it’s stunning to look at.

While you’re there, check out his newer work on this army too. He’s done some more since, and it all looks great.

Wolfsherz: Finished the Dimachaeron

DimachaeronWolfsherz creates some pretty awesome Tyranid stuff, and this time he went to work on his Dimachaeron for Dreadtober.

The Pose on the Dimachaeron is perfect. The base has great details, and the painting top-notch. Check this monstrosity out!

Warhammer 39,999: Genestealer Cult – 42 Painted Neophytes

Genestealer Cult NeophytesRob isn’t one of those painters who slowly works on stuff. He tends to be either cranking stuff out factory style, or not painting anything. In this case, he’s gone full-on with working on some Genestealer Cult Neophytes.

I can’t believe the quality of work on this batch of Neophytes. I work on 5 models at a time and I get annoyed, but Rob went ahead and did 42 of them, and I think they look awesome.

  • Awesome picks as always :)

  • Turkadactyl

    Yeah, made the list! Thanks!

    • You will now be famous! Maybe not famous, but at least one or two other people will know you exist ;)

      • Hey. There’s this @turkadactyl:disqus guy …

      • Turkadactyl

        Hmm the force is strong with you. Your gift of foresight has come true and one more person knows I exist.

  • Woo I’m famous ;) hehe. Very nice picks, I especially like Wolfsherz’s Tyranids. That painting style works so well on them.

    • All of Wolfsherz’s Tyranids look great. He puts a lot of effort into them, and it really shows.

      • I agree completely, it’s always fun when his work turn up in my Twitter feed.

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