Warhammer 40K 7th Edition: Force Organization Chart

Yesterday Games Workshop put up this video with Jervis Johnson talking about force organization in Warhammer 40K 7th edition.

Something I have been concerned about, as have many Warhammer 40K players, is the Unbound armies. We have heard that Unbound armies would be penalized while normal armies, Battle-forged – those adhering to the FoC, would get benefits. My concern has been that the benefits gained by being Battle Forged vs penalties for being Unbound need to be significant for the sake of balance. The potential for abuse with Unbound armies is pretty clear. When you can take what you want with no regard for the force organization chart then some pretty insane armies can be created.

I did notice a few things in the video.

Command Benefits for Battle-forged in 7th Edition

Ideal Mission Commander: If this Detachment is chosen as your Primary Detachment, you can choose to re-roll the result on the Warlord Trait table.

Not bad. We all get those useless Warlord traits time to time. Not game changing but not terrible.

Objective Secured: All Troop units from this Detachment have the Objective Secured special rule. A unit with this special rule controls objectives even if any enemy scoring unit is within range of the objective marker, unless the enemy unit also has this special rule.

I think it’s a step in the right direction. Unbound armies will need to completely clear an objective to secure it. Also, at this point we’re not sure what constitutes a scoring unit. Rumors have it that everything is scoring, including vehicles, so this could really be a pretty big penalty to Unbound armies. This particular rule with Battle-forged armies playing one another will just play out as it does now.

Formations in 7th Edition

Unsurprisingly we see that formations are rolled into the core rules and, from what I could see, are the same as they are now. I can live with this. I think there’s a few over-the-top formations right now but that overall they are pretty balanced. I know I would love to try the Helbrute formations for Chaos Space Marines but have not because of the stigma that’s been attached to them where I play. The inclusion of formations into the core rules will clear some things up and likely see them actually hit the table.

Lords of War in 7th Edition

Lords of War are shown as a single selection in a Battle-forged army list. I’m not surprised but I was hoping they would remain outside the core rules as something agreed upon. I do not like Lords of War. Hopefully these are never scoring and with the new missions, the new dynamic approach, I also hope the lack of bodies on the field in order to field a Lord of War can help offset their powerful presence on the field.


I have to admit I’m cautiously optimistic at this point. It looks like Games Workshop has put some thought into this. Will it be enough though? Hard to say with so much unknown at this point but I’m looking forward to getting some more information.

I put up a poll last week for your thoughts on the upcoming 7th edition so vote away if you haven’t already.


  • ming

    Nice assessment. I’ll always be the guy following the Force Org set in the codex astartes, not the guy bringing all 2++ rerollable megadeth units.

    • Thanks.

      I think most of us will be doing battle-forged. Unbound is cool in that you can create fluffy and themed armies. Not everyone doing Unbound is out for the throat but of course the potential is there and therefore it will be abused, which is too bad.

  • Getting more excited as the days tick by. I am hoping against hope that they deliver the goods in seventh ed. My Plague Spear army (Death Guard 1st Co.) almost becomes a reality! MUWAHAHA!!

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