Warhammer 40K: 7th Edition is Almost Here (Updated)

Games Workshop put this video up on their blog yesterday.

With all the rumors floating around I think it’s easy to guess this is the rumored 7th edition for Warhammer 40K.

I’m really hoping this is the consolidation it’s rumored to be. I just can’t see Games Workshop making 7th edition a whole new rule set when 6th edition isn’t even 2-years old yet. The game desperately needs to be pulled together into something cohesive at this point. With so many add ons to Warhammer 40K right now the game just feels very fragmented. Not to mention it’s not entirely clear what’s a part of the core rules and what is optional. Clearing everything up will go a long way to helping the game.

There’s some rules clarifications that need to be made and of course some balancing. Games Workshop has the chance to streamline the game and I really hope that’s what we’re going to see on May 24th.

Update on Warhammer 40K 7th Edition

So, leaks are abound from White Dwarf showcasing alterations to the force organization chart as well as a psychic phase. I’m not liking what I’m seeing at all and this is the first time that a Warhammer 40K edition change has me considering getting out of it. I will wait for 7th edition to drop but I will not pre-order the rulebook and will instead read the rulebook that someone else buys before making a final decision.

  • So much for that hope. Looks like 7th edition is going to drastically alter the game of 40K.

    • That seems to be their intent. Overall I think 6th was an improvement over 5th, it was just a little wonky at times. I hope 7th is also an improvement but there’s no telling at this point.

      • I have little hope that 7th edition is going to streamline 6th edition in any way. The introduction of Unbound armies is a testament to that. Adding in a psychic phase where psykers reign supreme as it is does not lend itself to fixing 6th edition either. Sure, they may clear up some stuff but I foresee all these big changes coming down as the nail in the coffin for many players.

        • I am hoping the psychic phase is primarily a way to consolidate the
          timing of powers and throw a little more resistance in by essentially
          allowing the opponent to ‘deny the witch’ against buffs as well as
          de-buffs and attacks.

          I’m a little more skeptical about unbound. If they at least cut the cross codex interactions it will avoid the most ridiculous combos. They’ll need to come up with something interesting to avoid everyone just taking the most efficient troops for scoring then loading in the best auto-includes other codices.

          I also doubt 7th will streamline much of anything. 6th is less streamlined than 5th with more emphasis on flavor, I imagine 7th will be a similar move. We’ll be lucky if it’s as clean as 6th. I really think that event organizers will have to cherry-pick the rules and distill them to a more efficient core if they want to keep events balanced and efficient. However, I also think there’s a good chance 7th will allow players a greater range of options to tailor their experience, which is great for friendly groups who can agree not to powergame each other to death.

          In short, I predict that it will be tough on the competitive scene and blind pick-up games but good for the casual groups of friends. If it sparks the competitive community to rally around one core set of official rulings (which we really needed for 6th anyway) it could turn out to be a good thing for all 40k players.

          • Pretty much my thoughts as well. I mean, GW could surprise us and fix 6th edition with 7th (maybe that’s why we’re seeing it so soon?), but I very much doubt it. I think we’re seeing 7th so soon because GW needs to boost their profit margins for investors and a new edition is the easiest way of doing that.

            • Warren Falconer

              To be devils advocate it is possible that a psychic phase like warhammer fantasy would fix a ton of the shenanigans out there. The chance to deny any spell not just offensive ones would certainly level the playing field.

              What I will be interested in is the context of the bound/unbound army. They are offering side boards and that sort of thing, this leads me to belive that there may be more to it than just take all your toys. There very much could be a here is a tournament rule set, here is a funsies rules set. The fact they are even talking about sideboards means they acknowledge balance issues.

              I will be hopeful cuz there is plenty already to be grumpy about.

  • Mark H

    Hrm well I got one game in with 6th edition at least…

    • Was it only one? I thought for sure at least two.

  • JD Brink

    I personally think it is insulting to GW’s legions of royal customers to screw them around like this. I don’t expect to get too many more games in period. My buddy I usually play with is pretty GW loyal in that whatever is the latest and greatest, whatever has been officially stamped with their approval, is all he’ll play. I would be content to just keep playing 6th and give GW the finger, but… I guess we should give this 7th a chance to actually come out before we call foul. But it’s STILL dirty to play your customers this way. I sure as hell ain’t buying another $80 book every 2 years. I may be out all together.

    and the “psychic phase” from what i’ve read sounds a whole lot like the fantasy magic rules. they seem to get more and more alike all the time.

    • I’m with you completely. I mean, dropping cash on the rulebook is honestly the least of my issues. It sucks but still, what’s $80 over two years in terms of expense? For me it’s more about the fact that by the time we got comfortable with 6th edition they go ahead and bring in 7th. That’s the kick in the nuts. Plus what we’ve seen so far isn’t very promising considering GW’s recent approach to the game.

  • JD Brink

    And, btw, yet another completely worthless teaser video from them. There’s nothing on that video at all.
    (I’m bitter. Can you tell I’m bitter?)

    • I can’t say I understand their need for videos of still images either.

  • Warren Falconer

    just want to play with my toy soldiers….who knows what they are going to come out with here will just have to wait and see i will say i was excited for 6th to come out, I am not terribly excited for 7th but will just have to wait and see

    • We need to get more context at this point. The psychic phase, maybe it’s intended to balance out the cheesy shit we’ve seen done with psykers in 6th and not as an overpowering way for psykers to dominate the game. Maybe unbound are so penalized that we’ll rarely see them used. Blah, blah, blah.

      I’m not saying that’s the case, I’m inclined to be pessimistic, but it is possible…

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