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Weekly Pimp’n: 2nd and 3rd Week of March

I was too busy last week to get this out so it has a little in it from last week as well as this week. So, here’s some stuff for your reading pleasure while I head out for a 1,750 tournament at my FLGS.

3++ is the new black: Back to Basics: Multiple assaults in Warhammer 40,000 – Done correctly – Kirby covers how to effectively perform a multiple assault, complete with pictures.

Warp Signal: RAI vs. RAW: a new convention – James recently asked me to add him to my blogroll and I’m glad I did. He takes a look at the old RAI vs RAW debate and takes a different angle.

Bell of Lost Souls: 40k: Redundancy – Duality and Speciality – Another classic discussion and another Kirby pimp’d article.

House of Paincakes: Blog Roll Naming Contest – Fame and Fabulous Prizes! – Want to win some stuff? Well, enter the damn contest.

Imperius Dominatus: Wanted: New Bloggers! – Mercer is after some fresh meat. Interested?

ShotDownMind: Your First Army – How to do it Right – If you’re interested in getting into 40K then be sure to read this. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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