You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

Ok, maybe not everyone but at least the 11 people who are following me. I’m excluding myself, who has to like me, and Kamui, who also has to like me. If you like me and aren’t following me, or think you might like me, or even if you hate me, you should follow the blog on the right under Midnight Legion.

Seriously though, I’m glad to see the slow progression of people following and commenting. There’s a lot of work that goes into a blog and to see it paying off, no matter how small, is rewarding.

You’ll have to pardon the random nature of this post. I’m about to take off for a long weekend and opened a nice micro-brew beer at around 10:30 am. Beer for breakfast on a day off, yes please!

  • VENNgeance

    Haha!! Have a good weekend dude, and I totally appreciate how time consuming running a blog is, I’ve only just finished the layout of my own blog, and have yet to get around to posting stuff. I also find that I spend too much time on other peoples blogs than my own, and in some cases it is time wasted not well spent especially when they are vainglorious-seeking know-it-alls, but I am learning how to divide my time appropriately now, and I do find this blog to be entertaining and worth popping by.

    The only real downfall is that I spend so much time watching other peoples WiP’s that I have seriously neglected my own painting to the point where the most progress I’ve made in the last 3weeks is to test-run some Army Painter Dragon Red, which I might add is the greatest red since sliced bread!! Those boys have the priming game seriously worked out, no more the days of just Chaos Black or Skull White undercoats, now we have REAL choice.. But that’s a post for another time, and a topic for my own blog when I can drag myself away from all the beautifully painted mini’s on others…

    Again, have a great weekend and thanks for taking time to share your hobbying.

    • I’ve heard mixed reviews on Army Painter. Some people swear by it and others not so much. I’ve been curious to try it out myself but I’ll have to find something to test on just in case it goes badly.

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