You Win Some, You Lose Some

In my case however I lost them all. Played at this month’s 40K tournament yesterday and was swept all three games. First game was a minor loss against Tyranids, the second a massacre loss against Space Wolves and the last a massacre loss against Orks. This was my first time trying my Space Marines, Fate’s Angels, where normally I use my Orks, Sun’z Killaz.

I can’t nail down any one particular thing that went against me. I don’t feel I was lacking in strategy, had bad deployment, unnaturally bad rolls, anything like that. I played three good opponents yesterday and neither one of them slipped and made any mistakes I could take advantage of. These games came down to pure skill and our lists and my list is where I feel I was most likely the weakest. I wanted to get a good score for painting and my Marines aren’t fully painted yet, so I tried to field everything that was painted or I felt I could finish before the tournament, basically the list with the least amount of paint work. I was unable to get everything fully painted but it was at least all base coasted. I don’t feel the list was terrible but it probably wasn’t a tournament level list for Marines. I still have much to learn with the power armored army of mine though, so between the the list and my apparent inability to just find that groove with Marines, I got rolled over.

That being said, I had a great time. I don’t mind losing in the least. Taking three of them in one day is a bit discouraging but it only makes me want to try harder and find that edge I need.

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