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Hobby: The Stuff You Hate

This past weekend I had a lot of time to do some hobby work. After The Standoff I’ve taken a break from painting. I spent months preparing for that event and fully painting up a 1,500 army. Though I was glad to get that painting accomplished, it also left me…Read More

Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp: 1st Week of February

Another week, another pimp’n. In case anyone noticed, I’ve decided to move this to Saturday instead of Friday. I figure that way it’ll give you the weekend to catch up on the stuff being pimped in case you missed it during the week and it also gives me another day…Read More


Making Your Own Foam Trays

I’ve been making my own foam trays for a few years now and they’ve held up really well and they’re really cheap to make. I can make a foam tray that fits in a Sabol case that’s 1.5″ thick for about $2 – $3 a tray. Around here a pluck…Read More