A Bit of a Break and Changing Gears

Chaos: Changing GearsWith ‘ard Boyz over, and not having qualified for regionals, it’s time to set aside my Marines for a while and focus on my Chaos army. For the past eight months I’ve played the hell out of my Marines and though I’m far from bored with them, rather the beauty of Marines if you ask me, I want to get my Chaos army on its feet.

I’ve decided to make Chaos my hobby army. They’re like Orks in that there’s a ton of free rein with conversions and I want to take full advantage of that. This being my fourth army, and with five years in the hobby now, I have a lot more skill than previously and I’m confident that I can produce an army I’m really happy with. I’m not planning on going insane and converting and sculpting everything I do, I would like to see the army done at some point, but I’m also not going to rush through getting everything done either. I still have a lot of planning to do, something I enjoy, so I suspect it will be a good while yet before any serious progress is made.

At this stage I’m still doing a fair amount of proxying, which is thankfully easy and not confusing when you’re swapping in loyalist equivalents, but it also means unless I dump some serious cash into the army up front that it won’t be seeing any tournaments for a while. I can handle playing with an unpainted army, not my preference but you have to start somewhere, yet I don’t want to be tossing down proxy units everywhere either. Since I plan to take a break from my Marines that means my Orks will once again see the field, something they haven’t done since March.

As much as I look forward to working on my Choas army I’m also looking forward to getting da boyz on the table and seeing what I can do with them now. A lot has changed since March with new codices being released, a ton of erratas and FAQs, plus of course my overall experience with the game. Plus as I mentioned recently, I’m looking to take the game less seriously and just have fun with it again and my Orks have always been just that for me, fun. I set them aside when I was trying to be really competitive but the green always calls to me.

  • ming from b&c

    Sweet.  I love chaos.

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