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I was just checking the site stats, as I routinely do since I’m a bit of a stat whore, and saw that October was the busiest month for the site. Every month has slowly but surely been gaining more traffic, as well as a few new “followers” via-Google. So, I wanted to say thanks to those who take a few minutes a day to check out what’s going on here. There’s a ton of really great blogs out there and the fact that anyone stops by here is amazing to me.

I have to acknowledge the sites that continually drive traffic here. Bell of Lost Souls, the first site I got linked on and continually my number one source of traffic. From the Warp, a great blog run by a great guy and another top source of referrals for me. Last, but surely not fucking least, is House of Paincakes. These guys care about the blogging community and do more than just toss your link up on their site.

I also would like to solicit some information from you all. Now, I can check stats and see which of the articles here get the most traffic but that’s just a stat. I’d like to know why you come here? What articles is it that you enjoy reading? Why do you take the few minutes to see what’s going on here?

Again, thanks to those reading this and hopefully Creative Twilight remains a destination of yours.

  • I don’t remember when or how I came here. I know I read because you have a great voice, love to share, and your information is easily referenced. I also think you’re on of the most generous bloggers around, and I enjoy nice folks.

  • I totally missed this post thor… It must of gotten buried in the blog rolls!

    I come here because you engage with your viewer ship, and it’s always a pleasure to chat with other like minded hobby folks! Cause that is really why we do this stuff, to share with one another!

    • Guess my email replies didn’t take.

      First of all, thanks. I live for the comments here. Like you said, we do
      what we do to show others and getting feedback is the reward. Having
      others enjoy what you’re doing enough to comment is awesome.

      Secondly, how did you find this? This article is 4-years old! I’d say it was buried in the blogroll ;)

      • What! I didn’t even look at the date…it came up with a “you might also like” in your last article update…hahahah

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