Blood Bowl Season #2 – First Game of the Season

Last week we kicked off (pun intended!) season #2 of Blood Bowl at my FLGS. We wrangled up 7 of us for the season, which isn’t bad considering the small sampling we have.

I got to play against Kenny and his Orcs.


Humans vs Orcs

My starting roster was:

Blitzer x 4
Linemen x 5
Re-rolls: 3

That’s the same roster I started with last season, which worked well. Starting with the Ogre is crucial, in my opinion, to try and level him up. Bringing him in late season means less games to cause casualties and in turn get SPP (star player points). Plus, he’s just such a big threat that it pulls heat of the rest of my team.

No Catchers to start with as I find those guys level up quickly anyway. Last season I got my first Catcher for my third game, and in the 4 games he played in he became my highest valued player. My second Catcher wasn’t far behind him either.

I started with 3 re-rolls and no Apothecary. I probably won’t buy more than 3 re-rolls in the season, and the Apothecary is the first buy on my list. I’m banking $30K with this setup.

Kenny’s Orc roster was:

Blitzer x 4
Black Orc x 4
Linemen x 3
Re-rolls: 2

Titan Bay Thunderhawks
Titan Bay Thunderhawks


First Half

Pictures are a bit sporadic, but I got more than I had realized at first. The game was last week, so details will be a bit sparse.

I kick the ball and it lands near the Thrower, Dom Grady.

Humans vs Orcs #1

Dom Grady (Thrower), snags the ball and runs to my left. I quickly move in before the cage can form and pop the ball loose.

The Orcs try and clear a path to the ball, but they can’t get it. My Lineman manages to get in there and snag the ball.

This is where I forgot pictures. From there #11 (Lineman) was able to break from the Orcs and run in a touchdown.

I kicked off to the Orcs (more forgotten pictures), but they weren’t able to score in the two turns they had left.

Second Half

Orcs kicked off to me, planting the ball to my right.

The Orcs pounded up the right side, getting close, so I changed directions and shifted to the left.

I sent a Blitzer to blitz the Orc Lineman you see on the left at the line of scrimmage. I rolled double skulls. Re-roll, double skulls. His armor breaks and he’s injured, missing next game. Well shit.

That left my cage open on the top left, and guess what…

Humans vs Orcs #12

Yep! The Orcs got in there and dropped my Thrower with the ball.

The ball was fought over for a while.

Until eventually one of my Blitzers picked it up and ran down the field with it.

But, the Orcs would catch up to him and take down my Blitzer. So, the Ogre came to smash some greenskins; there was no way to score.

Humans vs Orcs #18



A final score of 1-0, a victory for my Titan Bay Thunderhawks!

The game was brutal. Having a fuzzy memory, being a week ago, I can’t recall where all the action was, but I did put out 2 Orcs for a game. Fluffy (Ogre) put one down, as did a Lineman. Of course, my Blitzer got himself injured. Damn you double skulls twice in a row.

Next week I play against Dwarves.

  • Double skulls seemed to re-roll into double skills about 50% of the time. Hard luck on the Blizter but I think the Orcs came off worst. Good job Fluffy.

    • The skull is a 1 in 6 chance. So, on two dice the odds are ~3% for double skulls. The odds of doing that twice is…what, 1,5%?

      Fluffy did well enough. Last season he didn’t take anyone out until the playoffs. At least this season he’s on his way early.

      • Way worse than that. More like 0.08% or so. But it does seem to happen more often than that. Probably just the human tendency to remember the unexpected more vividly than all the times something more or less average happens.

        • I’d agree with that.

          • Should be something like 1/36=0.0277..~0.03=3% if they are 2 on two d6 (like double six on 2 d6).

            Thor you know we need comic blood bowl game report!just joking, it is great also in this way I really like your team but also the ork one seems cool!

            • I almost did this one as a comic. Maybe I’ll do the next one like that if my opponent has a painted team.

              Kenny’s Orcs aren’t done yet. They’re mostly just basecoated right now. They are awesome models though.

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