Burned out!

Hello all,

After burning myself out a bit preparing for the April Assault, I decided to take a week off painting.  That week turned to two.  Then I hurt my shoulder and used that as an excuse to put it off another week.  Then I just got lazy.  Now it’s been a month and I still haven’t done any painting.   So what the hell have I been doing? 

The weekends have been quite busy with family stuff, yard work, and helping the local theater group with some set construction.  I’ve played a few games of 40k.  I’ve done a little updating to some of my terrain pieces.  I still have plenty of modeling/painting ideas that I want to get to but every time I have the opportunity my brain fogs up and I find myself playing video games instead.  I’m just a little blocked right now.

I usually enjoy painting but there are times when it can become tedious for me.  Sometimes this is caused by needing to get a certain unit painted when I want to be working on another.  I’m frequently distracted by bright shiny things.  If I’m half way through one model when a new idea strikes me I start wanting to work on that new idea.  This often leaves me with a lot of partially finished models and is the reason I’ve so rarely been able to put a fully painted army on the table.  Another pitfall I fall into often is working on cool models that don’t see the table very much.  I’ll have a bunch of HQ and Elite models painted while my core troops are primer grey.  Then I’m fielding a shoddy looking army while a bunch of well painted models sit at home.   I work best when I can stick to a single model/unit at a time but having a half-finished army just makes it so much harder to stay focused on that one.

Another issue I’m having is that I’m teaching a new player by letting him play with my models.  He’s taken a shining to the Eldar which keeps putting my mind back on my Eldar.  I’m quite happy with my Reavers (Space Wolves) army on the table and I still have plenty of projects I want to finish for those but lately I have Eldar lists bouncing around my head.  It doesn’t help that I make him proxy similarly sized Ork models for Eldar models that I have sitting unassembled in my basement.  It’s like a silent accusation of neglect.   I used the army a lot in second edition, then a fair amount in fourth.  In fifth edition the lists I had been using just weren’t as good anymore.  I’ve managed to plug enough of the holes in my collection that I believe I can field a decent list with them now, but I have been much more focused on my orks and marines over the past two years so none of those new models are painted and many are still unassembled.  Many of the ones that are painted need to be repainted because they were done so long ago, and some of them need to be remodeled.  My Avatar and Wraithlord are still on the square bases they came with!  The only Eldar models in my collection that I’m completely happy with are the Swooping Hawks.  In short, there is a lot of work to be done to resurrect that army and with sixth edition looming now just doesn’t seem like the right time.

So what am I going to do about all this?  I guess I’ll suck it up and soldier on.  When a hobby becomes a chore it’s time to take a break.  There’s no real point to a hobby that you don’t enjoy.  But there’s also a line between taking a break and getting lazy.  I’ve had enough time off; once I get back into it I’ll pick up momentum and enthusiasm like I always do.  I have a lot of elements in my Reavers army that are on the verge of being finished.  Models at the stage where an evening of painting takes them from being ok tabletop to something I can be proud of.  It’s one of my favorite stages of painting so once I knock a few out I’ll be eager to do more.  After a few more weeks of painting I should have a solid 1500-1850 force with a paint job that I’m happy with.  With that core to work from I should be able to focus on one unit at a time without feeling guilty about the rest of the army.  I want to add some Thunder Wolf Cavalry next; they’ve been sitting in limbo long enough.  Then I’ll work on my Land Raider or some terrain.  I’ll put off the lure of the Eldar until I’ve digested enough of sixth edition to know what to focus on.

Well, that’s enough rambling for now.  I just wanted to get some of that off my chest.  And as I mentioned earlier in the post, I’ve managed to get jack done in the last few weeks so I had to post something!  My goal is to have some nice model pics to post for you next week.  Till then!

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Burned out!
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