Chaos Lord: Bike #2

Chaos Lord’s Bike: It Never Ends

I have been stalling on the hobby front lately. After a serious beating at a monthly tournament I lost some momentum. Actually, I lost a lot of momentum. I then put all my effort into making a list for the upcoming tournament in November, leaving no energy or motivation for hobbying. As a result, this Chaos Lord on bike is an endless project. I take that back, after this round of updates I’m happy with the bike. I have had no need for this model immediately and so I have not rushed it and just taken my time and messed with it as I have time and interest.

I’ve also had my fair share of setbacks on this model. The magnet in the lower torso/legs I’ve reseated a few times because I couldn’t get it just right. I had also previously painted a lightning claw and power fist but I kept screwing up things on the power fist and last night I threw that into a Simple Green bath out of frustration. I also reseated one of the bike’s bolters because it was slightly skewed when viewed head-on. It’s just been one thing after another with this model.

Anyway, here’s some shots of the latest round of updates, and hopefully final.

I added some small horns to the front plate on the bike and the skulls with chains to the handle bars. I think I’ve finally managed to distinguish the bike appropriately for an HQ to ride without being overly embellished.

For now I need to set this aside though because I need to get to work on creating a Huron model for my proposed tournament list and that raises a question. Something I’ve been thinking over is how to approach my counts-as Huron. I never like to use actual special characters models since I enjoy building my own that fit into my army. Huron is a simple model from a modeling perspective: lightning claw with a built-in heavy flamer and power axe. I’ve been considering using one of my stock Lords, magnetized arms, and using him as a Huron. What I’ve been thinking about regarding that though is that he, the Lord, won’t always be used as Huron and wondering if that would be confusing to people? Of course I’d say what he is at the start of the game, stock Lord or Huron, but what do you think? Huron is not so distinct that I really need to make a full on model for it, like say Fabius Bile or maybe even Lucius The Eternal. Ah, the things I spend too much time considering.

What do you think? Would you be cool with a model that some days is one character and other days something else as long as it’s made known ahead of time?

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I usually go the opposite route. I use the special character models as “normal” characters. Using ghazkull as a mega armored warboss, or helbretch as a chapter master. I tend to not use special characters, as I gimp myself on HQ’s, and spend the rest of the points on units. So if I don’t use them as normal characters, they’ll never see play!

I don’t think anyone will mind as long as you clearly tell them ahead of time. It would probably help your case if you provided an army list for them (printed out), with a description of your counts as model next to the entry.

That’s usually how most tournaments require it.

The bike is looking good, and I like the adornment of bitz on it. The sissy bar is especially nice!

In terms of losing hobby steam…a forum guy gave some really good advice once. (don’t remember who exactly, or I’d quote them). “Don’t change your list. Play the same list over and over again.”

My buddy Chris (macathu on FYN) did this with his necrons. He went from losing most of his games, to soundly beating us into pulp, to now having to hold back just so we have a fighting chance! (with the same list).

Really teaches you that as net goers, we tend to become opposed with what is the most optimal, or the best selection of units, not realizing that a lot about what makes an army good, is the person controlling it!


I like the skulls on the handlebars. Subtle, but effective.
I’d just use whatever Lord is easiest for you. People won’t remember from game to game that he’s this or that. As long as you point him out, they’ll be fine.


I like it! As you said, it is obviously custom without being over the top (from a 40k perspective at least!)

I wouldn’t worry too much about using your Huron model as a stock lord at times. I do that a lot with my warboss. Sometimes he’s Ghaz and sometimes he’s just a warboss in mega armor. Nobody seems to mind.