Warpsmith Conversion

Chaos Warpsmith Conversion (WIP #3) – Ready for Paint

This has been one of those conversions that has a life of its own. Generally when I do a conversion I have a vague idea of where I’m going with it and I let inspiration guide me. That’s the ideal anyway.

Some conversions are just simple, like my Sorcerer I did. This Warpsmith though just goes on and on. Every time I feel like I’m at a good spot with it I come up with some other idea.

With that guiding inspiration though comes scale and scope which can get far larger than intended. Much the case with my Warpsmith here. Before I rattle on, some shots of where he’s at now.




The tentacles. I love them but they proved to be a bit of a thorn in my side. It was hard to get them exactly how I envisioned them and I made many tentacles to get to this point. They also occupy more space than intended. It’s hard to confine this model to a 25mm base with so much going on. It’s also hard to work all the tentacles into the model in a manner that looks good. Trust me, you can’t just make some tentacles without planning and think they’ll look great when glued on.

Oh, I used the tentacle maker from Green Stuff Industries for all the tentacles/mechatendrils you see.

So, those tentacles grew out more than I had planned but I like the end result regardless. The way they are positioned it’s almost like the Warpsmith is sheltered inside them and I like that concept. The mechatendrils should be as much a part of the model as everything else and I feel like I got there. Hopefully you agree.

From here it’s just doing some final touches and cleanup. I’m sure I could spend weeks more on this model adding more here and there, but at this point I’m happy with him. Since these shots I did reposition the tentacle on the center backpack. It was positioned too much like the claw one.

Oh, I also came up with a name for him, Grimtech. Sounds a bit cheesy at first, but I like the sound of it.

Update: Check out the painted model in the Warpsmith painting showcase.

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holy crap he looks awesome I totally dig the model. my only criticism is the bionic eye, the outer ring seems awkwardly fat, that may be intentional lt just looks a tad funky. anyway can’t wait to hear how he plays.


That’s a veritable cloud of tentacles! It’s a very dynamic model with plenty of character. It will look fantastic when it’s painted. I hope it’s on-table performance lives up to the model!

You can fix the bionic eye by adding a small coat of green stuff over it and sculpting the lens a little wider. It wouldn’t take a very deep coat to do it. Alternately you could carefully trim it down a bit then re-sculpt it. Or you can leave it as is and play if off as well armored!

Dave G

Really like how he’s looking. I can appreciate the complaint of it going “on and on”. We sometimes put a tonnnn of time into a single mini.