Community Feedback: What Would You Like to See?

A lot has changed on the blog over the years. Most for the better, some for the worse, but always intended to move forward and grow. Blogging and growing a community is a learning experience for sure.

To that end, I just wanted to set up an open forum to the readers of the blog, the community, to see what you all would like to see here. Is there something we’re not doing that you feel would be great to see? Are we doing something infrequently that you’d like to see more of? Would you like to see us cover more gaming systems than just 40K? All is fair game.

I know I would like to get back into doing some tutorials but just haven’t had the time as it’s a rather time consuming process. I was thinking of doing some on painting but wasn’t 100% sure what exactly. I was leaning towards some back to basics type of stuff like base coating, edge highlighting, washes, etc. Then later on move into the stuff I’m playing with these days like OSL, wet blending and such. If any of this is of interest then please let me know as I’m open to suggestions since you all see what I do and might have something specific in mind that I haven’t considered. It’s always different on the other side of the monitor, hence this post :)

I would also like to get back into working on video battle reports. I really like the format I’ve used in the past. The videos generally end up 10-12 minutes in length and cover all the important details without bogging down in watching dice rolls. A big drawback for me on this has been getting more of my stuff painted as I hate doing videos with unpainted stuff. I suppose that means I need to get back into a painting routine…

So again, I’d love to hear from you all on the things you’d like to see here. Don’t be shy.

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Community Feedback: What Would You Like to See?
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