Community Pimp’n #29

Life has gotten in the way of this series but it’s time to return to it. Below are great articles from around the blogosphere you should read.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Painting the Mountain King’s Skin – Dave gives a walk through of how he did the skin on his awesome Mountain King model. It’s a lot of steps but there’s no arguing the end result which is amazing.

Greggles-Tabletop: Foldio 2 Review – I never knew this product existed until Greggles’ previous review and now he reviews the second version of the Foldio. It’s a pretty great product and if I had the cash I would definitely snag one. Go check out his review.

Green Stuff Industries: Buying Your First Airbrush and Compressor – If you’re new to airbrushing, or thinking about getting into it, then check out this article. It covers some basics you should know when getting into airbrushing.

Objective Secured: Bjorn the fell handed conversion – NafNaf does a lot of great conversions and this is no exception. Easily one of the coolest Bjorn conversions I have seen.

  • More reading to do later so, cheers Thor.

    • The reading never ends…

  • Some great stuff on this list!

    • Like your site? ;)

      • Didn’t think I had to point THAT one out ;)

  • Thanks for the shout out.

    Some fab new reads to occupy me :)

  • Thanks for the straight pimpin Thor!

    • No problem. Always taking care of my hoes ;)

  • Great list Thor, thanks for putting me onto the Wargaming Tradecraft, great stuff over there!

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