Dreadtober 2018 - Phase #1

Dreadtober 2018: Part #1 – Planning

Last year I concentrated on converting and painting a nurgle leviathan dreadnought based on the redemptor dreadnought model. This year I have a few hundred models in my to do pile, so I am aiming to complete as many dreadnought sized models as possible for dreadtober.

The starting point

Here we have my starting pile for dreadtober. My aim is to complete these models and then try to get even more done.

The Carnifexes

Hive fleet Kryptmare continues to evolve, whilst slower move than most other hive fleet Kryptmare learns far more and gathers more genetic data than most of its sister hive fleets. While fighting on a world dominated by severe mountain ranges the hive fleet hit a snag where their carnifexes and ground based heavy beasts could not traverse the terrain. The hive fleet responded and the Scuttlefex was deployed. Those few survivors of the imperial garrison coined the term after the first attack. These carnifexes ran on six scything talons traversing the terrain as fast as the hive fleets flying creatures. Kryptmare seemingly allowed some of the imperial forces to escape in the neighbouring Solis Cluster to spread word of its coming.

– Inquisitor lord Silens

Here are the two carnifexes (Scuttlefex and old one eye) which need to be repainted into my hive fleet kryptmare scheme. The legs of old one eye have already been painted in my scheme as they have been rescued from my bits box. Old one eye has also been given a micro art studio base as he was lacking one. The second carnifex I do not have the tail or legs for, so I added to the conversion that had been done on it by adding two more scything talons to complete the look.

These were acquired from a friend who stopped playing tyranids but have found a home with me. I have two more even more damaged and neglected carnifex part collections. I intend to make a tyrannofex and an exocrine out of them once I order the required bits.)

The alien king

A model for the AVP board game. A nice big resin multi part Alien model that is based on a creature that exists within the Alien comics and has yet to appear in any of the movies. Would make a killer hive tyrant proxy. The two prongs in his back are separate pieces so you could put wings into the slots to get a flying hive tyrant….

For me though as the game is decent he will be getting a mostly standard alien colour scheme although I do intend to tint him purple to show that he is not a true alien and to tie him a little bit more to the comic depiction of the creature.

The leviathan

The Fade suffers from a unique curse. While they can feel the touch of the warp they function as normal but removing this blanket their bodies start to break down and they fade away. It is not unheard of for the fade when defeated to reappear the following day with the same force strength and the same markings on those who fight.

Dreadnoughts of the fade are not immune to this and have been reported as destroyed multiple times but this has never been verified, as upon their defeat a member of the fade fades from the materium leaving no trace beyond the havoc they have caused during their attacks.

– Inquisitor Serghar

Despite owning two normal leviathan dreadnoughts this will be the first time I need to build the model. My previous two were grabbed from ebay already built. But at a steep discount. The fate of this dreadnought is to become a member of the Fade. A chapter of chaos space marines I cooked up to be used in the dark heresy campaign I am running for my friends.

The rest

If I manage to complete all the above models during Dreadtober I will use the momentum to try to get as many other models done as I can. I have another dreadnought (A mhara gal) in its box, I have three castellax for my 30k mechanicum force, a macrocarid explorator, a land raider Prometheus and a creature caster master of metamorphosis model in my to do pile along with an avalanche of infantry (Which includes Alpharius) to keep me busy.

Whenever I post either progress or a completed model I will provide where relevant some of the fluff I have the for the force the models are to be added to.

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Good luck on the pledge. Really looking forward to seeing paint on that Alien King.

Kenneth Raymond
Kenneth Raymond

The Alien king is already coming along nicely and the Carnifexes have been undercoated. I just need to maintain momentum.


Yeah, keeping momentum going is often my issue.

Rory (Stepping Between Games)

Got to admire someone pushing themselves. Good luck!

Kenneth Raymond
Kenneth Raymond

Thanks Rory.
I have four weeks in October and four models to grapple with. The Alien King has already got some decent progress on him with the two carnifexes also prepped (undercoated black) I have made a good start. {And I have some extra models to work on if I finish before the end of the month.}


That’s a lot! I’ll enjoy your progress!

Kenneth Raymond
Kenneth Raymond

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. If I manage to get all four models done before the end of the month I will attempt to paint up even more of my backlog of larger models and add them to the pledge.

Marc van Holst

I have been playing quite a bit of AvP and the Alien King model is just fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing it painted :-) Good luck champ!

Kenneth Raymond
Kenneth Raymond

I found that out once I took the guy out of his box and assembled him. They really outdid what you expect from a board game miniature as the detail is fantastic and there was minimal cleanup needed to get him prepped.